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DIY Abstract Floral Impression Art with Spackling Paste

As late summer turns into early fall, the garden is gorgeous and full of colorful flowers. When it’s still warm out and everything is blooming like crazy is one of my favorite times of year.  One way to capture those late season flowers before they go away to to create this DIY abstract floral impression art with spackling paste. It’s fun and also the perfect way to create pretty, inexpensive botanical and abstract art. You can watch the video below to see this project in action.

Pressed flower abstract art in spackling compound


You can use Drywall Joint Compound to make abstract art as well as spackle, but it will be  much heavier when it drys which is why spackle is recommended for this DIY art project.

Supplies for DIY abstract floral impression art

For supplies, I used an old canvas I already had on hand (this is a great way to ruse and old ugly piece of art!). This project  also uses spackle , chalky finish paint in a beige or off-white color, gloves (if your skin is easily irritated),a thin paint brush and acrylic paints mixed with water to create a pretty, impressionistic-looking canvas. The flowers I used for this project are goldenrod, amaranth and cosmos. They make it easy to create the abstract impressions, but any non-toxic flower or plant with strong patterned leaves or seed pods can be used.

Going over an old canvas with spackle to make DIY abstract art

Start by spreading a thick coat of drywall compound on the canvas, covering it as much a possible. The surface should be smooth, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Press flower stems into spackle or drywall compound

In making the DIY abstract floral impression art with spackling paste, after spreading the compound, press the flowers and leaves into the material, making sure both the petals and stems are pressed evenly into the surface, I used a putty knife to help press the flowers in…they area great tool for creating art.

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Pressed flower art with spackle

Carefully peel the flowers straight up by their stems and let the canvas dry flat a full 24 hours.  Discard the used flowers.

Carefully lift flowers out of spackle

Some cracking in the spackle compound may occur. If this happens, you can use a paint brush to brush some compound in the cracks and let dry.

Art made from pressing flowers into spackle

Once the canvas is dry, paint over the surface with a chalky finish paint and let dry.

Mix acrylic paint and water

To create the  abstract impressionistic part, mix acrylic craft paint with water, so it’s slightly “soupy”. Using a thin paint brush, paint the inside of the flower  impressions.

Painting the inside of the flower impressions when making a DIY abstract floral impression art with spackling paste

I used four different colors, Dried clay, Cinnamon Stick, Marigold and Rookwood Red mixed  at 50% paint and 50% water to get more of a watercolor-y look. The colors you choose can definitely set the mood for the painting. You could even just leave the images as -is and make it monochromatic. The paint mixture does settle in fairly well, the chalky finish paint on the canvas helps it to absorb right in.

Easy DIY art with spackle and pressed flowers

Paint the paint onto the canvas and let dry. After that you have a beautiful piece of impressionistic art that adds a gorgeous, botanical touch to your walls!

DIY abstract floral impression art with spackling paste

I hope you give this DIY abstract floral impression art with spackling paste project a try!

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