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How to make inexpensive botanical art prints

With fall coming, I wanted to change up my art in the dining area a little. I loved having the vintage school chart there, but I wanted something less bright and more natural feeling. The colors felt a bit too summery for me.

I really wanted some antique botanical art prints, but when I saw a price tag on some over $100 per framed print, I cringed just a wee bit.

Luckily, Karen has some amazing botanical graphic prints on her site and I grabbed a few of those and uploaded them to Vistaprint. There are a lot of places you can order poster prints.I just used them because I already order my business card through there and it was easy.One of the images had to be resized in my photo program to 300 dpi, but other than that it was  quick upload.

How to make inexpensive botanical pictures

The 18 x 24 size were only $9.00 each! After picking up two frames at the craft store for half price, both of the prints together, in frames, with the poster shipping were less than $60.00! It would have been a lot less if I had picked up the plain black frames for $9.99 each (which is what I originally went to buy), but I fell in love with these grey driftwood frames and splurged a little.

How to use vintage graphics for inexpensive botanical art

I found two nut prints. One is a Chestnut and the other is  a Pistachio. They have nothing to do with anything, but, I loved the colors and the two seemed to go together.

They add some really nice “green” texture to the walls.

Inexpensive botanical art prints for under $10.00

and I love how they look when the light comes through the windows in the morning. I do love those frames. I am glad I bought those instead.

Make your own art prints for $10.00

I have been slowly making small Fall changes to my house as we go along.I am not quite ready to make the full commitment yet even though The air has been getting a little cooler.:)

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I too have been looking for botanical prints. So, thanks for this very helpful post. I may need some technical help getting them printed, but they are lovely. I have a surplus of old picture frames and will be experimenting with paint finishes. I’m sure to find something that works.

    I’m really enjoying you blog!


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