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A day at the flea…

Yesterday, my Mom and I went to the local flea market in Kane County. For us, it’s a bit of a drive, but it’s always worth the little treasures we find there… I’ve got my make shift cart ready to go and I am wearing “the hat”. The hat is the same hat I’ve owned for 6 years now. I love that hat, but every one else hates it. If there’s a summer-time picture with me in it, there’s also “the hat.”

Do you need a mermaid?

 This table was listed at $39 and she said she’s go to $33, but we had just walked  in and I like to look around first before I buy.

Painted furniture at the Kane County Flea Market

We passed on the nose picking dwarfs; I already have enough of those at home.

 I almost bought an Eiffel tower or two.They were $15 a piece, and  in I think the JC Penney’s catalog they are $45, but I thought it was the kind of mass produced thing he probably has every show and I could find it next time.

 I loved this booth with the chandeliers.  I was tempted by a smaller one, but they started at $200 and I was there to buy for the store, not me…okay, just a few things for me :).

These finials and wood turned pieces had a ton of potential…

I found this chair for $12 and  I bargained him down $2 to 10. I know it’s only $2, but that can go a long way to the flea……. the cart came in handy…

Loved these buffets…The white one was $1000, but here is nothing like a picture for inspiration.

 These tin tile picture frames were kind of cool.

 And I bought 3 of these wooden blocks that spelled out BOO.


I liked this, but I would have no where to put it.

I LOVED this lady’s booth. She had a lot of hand painted pretty things.

I though this was a great piece..

 So the final tally after 3 trips to the car was…
chair $10
chair $13
small side table with drawers $25
small side table$20
5 grain sacks $5
a new nightstand for myself $50
3 wooden blocks $18
wooden architectural piece  $8
round table $25
Not too bad for a nice , early fall day.

Though now I realize I have a lot of painting ahead of me and I’ll have  a lot of great make -overs for you…

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