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DIY Gold Polka dot pillow…..

Hi everyone! Today I have Angela from Number 53 to share a super cute project with you!
Welcome all!
I’m Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am so ecstatic to be here as a regular contributor!
I love easy and inexpensive crafts that can add a touch of uniqueness and personality to my home.
And, one of my favorite places to search for inspiration is at Anthropologie. They project such a cool vintage/global vibe that I am forever drawn to.
One thing in particular that caught my eye was this gorgeous pillow because the simple pattern makes it easy to recreate at home and on a budget.
Would you like to make one, too? This is what you’ll need: canvas pillow cover (I used this one) and a pillow insert,  specialty sponge, cardboard (to put inside the pillow cover in case of seepage), gold craft paint, fabric medium and a small art brush.  Also, I used a disposable plate and spoon to mix my paint and medium together.
Following the directions on the bottle of medium I mixed up my paint and then began stamping the canvas pillow cover to mimic the pattern of the Anthro pillow. With trial and error I found that stamping firmly provide the best results.
OK, so this it what it looked like part way through. Did I mention this was the first time I’ve ever fabric painted something? There was a brief moment (or two) of complete and utter panic because I wasn’t getting an even application of paint. Believe me. It will all be totally fine. Just continue on, paying close attention to the placement of your dots.
When I had finished the pillow, all I did was fill in any empty spots that my stamp missed with paint using my tiny brush.
Don’t forget to continue to follow the medium directions (it just involved a wait time and ironing) and then you’re ready to add the insert!
I think this quick and easy project brought such a festive touch to my entry!
 I would love to have you stop by Number Fifty-Three! If you liked this post you may also like…



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