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DIY owl planter update

I found these owl planters at good old Walmart. I thought they were a cute shape. Of course,how could you not love owls for fall?  I didn’t like the color though and they almost have a creepy look. I wanted to update them a bit and make them a little more modern.

cute owl planters before their transformation

I had  a can of gray indoor/outdoor spray paint and knew it would be the perfect thing to even out the color.

spray painted owl planer update

After spray painting them I let them dry and them grabbed my gold oil-based marker.

gold embellishment to spray painted planters

I outlined around the eyes to give them a pop of color. After they dried,I added my plants.

I bought a few smaller pots for 97 cents when I purchased the Mums to update my front landscaping.

planter updated with spray paint and gold marker

Being a somewhat lazy planter, I put a jar on the bottom and dropped the plants right in, pots and all.

updated planters for fall

I liked them with the dark red of the Mums.

cute way to update a planter with spray paint

I might get a few more and spray paint them black for Halloween. It’s an inexpensive way to update an owl planter.

cute planter make over for pennies

They are perfect for some interest on my front step!

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