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Spray Painted Dollar Store Flowers

I know. I know. I spray painted Dollar store flowers. And they look pretty darn good! We are in the midst of redecorating, and I wanted something for the front window boxes that I didn’t have to water.
Spray painting dollar store flowers to make them look more real

We put some “faux” flowers in the window boxes.  I would love real flowers,but: One, we didn’t want the weight of dirt pulling on the windowTwo, anyone who’s ever had a window box knows when you water it, dirt and crap can run down the front of your nice,white house.  Three, window boxes can actually attract bugs like ants into the house. The front just looks so bland and really needs something bright and cheerful, like spray painted Dollar store flowers.
So the perfect solution was “faux” flowers. Normally they are pretty pricey, but at the Dollar store, you can fill 2 entire window boxes for about $15!
 They were fine for summer, but heading into Fall, as I started putting Mums in, but they were just too bright. I decided to one them down a little.
Spray painting faux dollar store flowers
Out comes the spray paint! I stuck the stems in the ground to hold them upright while I painted. I bought dark brown,dark burgundy and a very deep orange.
Spray painted dollar store flowers
 I started by dusting the petals lightly to see how I liked them and then got a little bolder to tone them down even more.
Spray painting faux dollar store flowers
 I saw the neighbor looking over the fence at me a few times like the house had finally pushed me over the deep end. I should have gotten a broom and pretended to sweep the grass while I was at it. I think he as afraid they were going to stay there. Part of me wanted to put a little fence around them for a few days just to be funny. The Dollar store is such a great resource for inexpensive decor. Like how I built this giant mirror for under $30!
We brightened up the rest of the landscaping as well. We planted a new Purple Plum tree, and added coleus for a pop of annual color… you know I love my coleus. I put the faux flowers back in the window box and they look perfect! They are just a nice pop of color against the white house,but look perfectly Fall-ish!
Flowers in a window box
They go so well with everything growing in and look great from the street! I bought some beautiful Mums at Walmart and put them in a pot in front for some additional color.
Red fall mum
and one in the ground. I bought a few of these for my house too.
Front landscaping with coleus
All of the Coleus and grasses are filling in nicely, and the sedum is starting to show some color too.
It’s all coming along!


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  1. I love the look of window boxes…my friend Lorraine puts perennials in hers, and I do vines. Our WalMart doesn’t have mums yet…I’m waiting rather impatiently.

  2. You are hilarious, Jennifer – sweeping the grass, lol. I would’ve never thought, but it looks great. I may just have to try something similar for my daughter’s wedding reception – thanks!

  3. I’m laughing over your neighbor wondering if you’ve gone mad. Those guys you get your design inspiration from are cuties. All kidding aside, you made those dollar store flowers look great with a little spray paint … so smart! The yard at the Oak House looks beautiful.

  4. This makes me happy….so very very happy!!! I used to keep a lot of faux florals in the house and I would buy floral scented sprays and “water” them once a week. I got so used to doing it that it seemed perfectly normal until we had guests over that looked at me very strange!!

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