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Easy Fall party ideas

It’s the end of the summer and the season of Pumpkin spice latte is upon is! It’s also a great time to think about an outdoor gathering before the weather becomes too full of yuck to hang outside!

Getting together doesn’t have to be really difficult either. I have some easy Fall party ideas for you to make your gatherings fun and enjoyable!

vintage inspired tablescape ideas

Little touches can make your guest feel special.

I am  a big believer in “self-service” parties. That way the guest and host can enjoy themselves. Parties are all about eating, drinking and enjoying each others company!

a simple cheese board make a nice party treat

Consider self-service foods like a cheese tray the people can nibble on. It’s easy to prepare and looks pretty.

easy serve foods are best for parties

Things that are easy to pick up are good too, and options can include gluten-free and dairy free for people with food allergies.

easy finger desserts.jpg

I think finger desserts are always important too.In fact, those are my favorite part.

mini bundt cakes

 Single serve items like mini-bundt cakes are always fun and easy to eat. Bring them on! Who doesn’t like  a little cake?

Once you have the food covered, you can move onto and easy self-serve bar and drink area.

self serve bar

Everything on hand makes it easy to grab a drink (Responsibly!).

And for other guest who don’t drink ,sodas and juices on ice are a great option. Some enamel tubs can look fancier than plastic ice chests.

Fall party idea with drinks in enamel bowls

Even adding a bit of organic mint to water in  pretty pitcher gives it a fresh taste for any one that doesn’t want extra sugar.


Or for a warm up,fill a crock pot with apple cider  or hot chocolate, and place mugs around it on a chilly night.

have a crock pot full of cider or hot chocolate for a Fall party

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough seating; using real furniture can make a party feel special.

use real furniture at a party

and for nights that might get a little chilly, bringing out some blankets and afghans can encourage guests to stay around a little bit longer.

Thrift store blankets for party guests for chilly nights for a Fall party idea

I hope these ideas inspire you to have a fun outdoor gathering of your own! It doesn’t have to be a huge thing either or really expensive, just some easy to eat foods, and some refreshments and great friends!

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