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Paint DIY gift wrap

I am so happy to be joining the farmhouse holiday series again with gift wrapping ideas. I love the creative idea of how to paint DIY gift wrap, so I wanted to show you how easy it is to paint your own, even if you think you don’t have any painting skills!

Farmhouse Holiday Decor Series

I used a roll of kids plain white craft paper from Ikea, but any plain white roll craft paper will do as long as it doesn’t have a shiny surface.

How to pain t your own DIY watercolor gift wrap

You can use watered-down acrylic paint like Americana Acrylic craft paints, and treat them almost like a watercolor paint. I love the end result!

I decided to stick with 3 colors for my palette. A soft green, calm blue and gold. I thought they would be pretty non-traditional holiday colors.

Use brown paint and a thin brush to paint the trunks of your trees

To paint the tree paper, start by using a thin brush and brown  paint to make lines if different sizes.

Use green paint and paint strokes to paint a Christmas tree

Use a thicker brush and some green paint to make trees. Each one will come out a little different, and how your paint will end up looking depends on how absorbent your paper is. Mine is pretty matte so it really sucks into the paper. I went over some spots to make it darker and kept some lighter. Some lines I did close together and other father a part. It’s nice to have some variation. I will tell you, I should have turned my trees the other way so they were running long ways on the paper instead of the short way.Just keep that in mind as you are planning out your design!

Splatter gold paint onto paper to paint your own DIY gift wrap

After I painted my trees, I speckled my paper with gold paint and put random , messy dots of the blue on. I really liked the abstract look.

Use a brush to paint random liines

On another sheet, I used a fatter brush to make lines all over. I wanted to make 3 sheets of paper that were similar, but not the same. Using all three colors unified them.

On the final sheet, I just painted random lines.

How to paint your own DIY gift tags

I had some white shipping tags so I used the same ideas to make matching gift tags.

How to pain t your own DIY watercolor gift wrap

I laid it on the floor to dry, and was ready to wrap in a few hours!

I loved how the paper turned out with the matching tags!

handpainted wrapping paper DIY gift wrap painting ideaWhat a pretty way to give a gift! I think the tree one is my favorite, bit I really love all three.

Matching tag and wrapping paper hand painted I used gold and white string and some gold mercury glass ornaments as toppers.

Ornament hanging from DIY handpainted paper

If you like to paint, make sure you check out this how to paint a winter scene tutorial!

Hand painted gift wrap idea

Painting your own gift wrap is fun and easy

It’s a special and fun way to give a gift, and you and use any colors you choose to make it your own!

How to paint your own DIY giftwrap

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    1. Hi Jill,
      I don’t think you can put poly over wax. It’s too slick of a surface. You would have to remove or sand the wax off first and then put the poly on. I am not sure how to add sheen beyond that. Maybe contact the company that makes the wax and see if they have any suggestions?

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