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Easy to make crafty teacher gift ideas

I am headed to the  SNAP! conference, while hubby stays home and holds down the fort! It’s my first time going, so I’ll give you the full scoop when I get back. I still haven’t packed! I wanted to share some crafty teacher gift ideas as we gear up towards the end of the year! These are fast, and easy, and not very expensive. They add a nice extra touch to go along with that coffee (or other drink) gift card.

Hand stamped tile coasters

I  love these hand-stamped tile coasters. They were so easy to make, and make such a cute gift!  Plus, after working hard all year, don’t they deserve a nice place to set their much needed glass of Chardonnay,after a long day of telling Johnny to get his finger out of his nose, and trying to teach common core math? I know I need one after trying to help my kids do common core math. By the time the oldest got to 5th grade, I was already too stupid to do it, and we needed tutors. For 5th grade math. There’s a reason I’m an artist.

drippy gold leaf wine bottles

On a side note, These drippy, gold-leaf wine bottles are  the perfect thing

to use up all of those empty wine bottles previously mentioned from helping with homework….

Make these easy paint dot flower pots for a touch of color

A little wheat grass, or small plant in a cute hand-dotted pot can help give them a nature and zen.

SUper easy na fun tote bag with sponge stamping with a boho flair

This tote bag is really easy to make with acrylic paint and a sponge stamp! It’s a great for a teacher gift idea ,or for carrying those library books home! Or,back when I was a third grader… a bottle of wine.  Let me tell you a little story about teacher’s gifts. At the end of every  year, my mom would send us to school with a bottle of booze in our bag. I mean, my mom knew us, and knew after dealing with her rotten children all year, the teacher needed a good, stiff drink. Plus, it was the 1970’s, and I think everyone was drunk all day long anyway.

In third grade, I walked to school and bumped my bag on the ground, shattering the cheap bottle of Mogen David (which is really one step up (or down) from Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill.). Everything, my books,lunch bag, me, ended up covered in purple booze.  I cried, and cried, and all day I reeked like a tiny drunk. It was magic. And completely traumatizing. True story.

Step 3 DIY watercolor notecard

You can also make a pretty handmade card to go with your gift. It’s easy with a few watercolors.

No vase? use a paper lunch bag with one drawn on, and a recycled jat inside for your flowers! And finally, if all else fails, and you drank all of the wine helping with homework, before you gave it to your third grader to bring to school, a pretty flowers in a jar are always a hit. Click over to this post to grab the pattern for the bag. This is an easy way to disguise a recycled jar.

I know gift cards are always a good gift option, but I love a handmade touch too, and a little something extra with these easy teacher gift ideas.  Just take my advice, and keep the booze at home.

Easy to make teacher gift ideas