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My butterfly inspired girl’s bedroom…..

My girl’s room has been Lenox Tan for over  a year now. I love non-traditional colors for kids rooms. I wanted something that could work for all 3 of my girls. Since it is a tiny room, I wanted it to be non-claustrophobic and and  very calming. I was very excited to see that tans are coming back in style. I love how Melaine did her daughter’s room.
And I was totally inspired by super-talented Tara’s use of paper butterflies. I had to be a copy cat. 🙂
 I painted all of the garage sale frames I had accumulated over the years to one color.
And then collaged them on the walls.
And cut out paper butterflies to “mount” in each one.
I am trying to decide what to do about the valances, if I keep them or not.
I really have to get that Etsy store of mine open so it’s an easier decision. 🙂
I found this bamboo birdcage for $8 and painted it white, hung it on a ribbon from the ceiling and added some little flutterby’s. It’s kind of neat because when the windows are open it drifts just  a bit and the little wings kind of flap in the breeze.
The best part is; I took the book pages from a copy of “Little Women.”
And the reason the beds are slightly off center is the little peanut sleeps over in the corner.

Someday when she get s big girl bed we are going to have to reconfigure the room  a bit; but we’ll make it work.
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  1. that is one of the sweetest most creative little girls room decor i’ve ever seen. i LOVE the little butterflies….the white frames…little women…perfection

    bravo jen!

  2. WOW! I love it!! it looks straight out of a designer’s magazine!!! you are so inspiring……

    Anne Marie
    p.s. thanks for the shout out!

  3. what a perfect room! Just lovely! Love the butterflies in the frames cut from the pages of an old book! Charming! Sooo sweet! Just found your blog and enjoy it’s simple creativity!

    Joanne B.

  4. Oh my goodness…this room is adorable in everyway!!!! My daughter would think she had died and went to Heaven if she had a room like that…stunning my friend…thank you sooooo much for the inspiration today. xoxo

  5. What a very sweet room! I love the clean, simplicity, use of the old frames and antique headboards. Your daughters are blessed to have such a wonderful sanctuary.

  6. Oh, Jen, it’s gorgeous!!! Is there anyway you could incorporate white tulle into your valance to sort of soften the colors of it? I have no idea if that would work but I thought if it could have a “vellum” effect,that might go with all the other white you have going on…it’s a dreamy room, really!

  7. Jen I LOVE their room… it’s soooooo beautiful and i’m loving the color…. so sophisticated, clean, wonderful,
    wish i lived near by to hit the sale, i’m so jealous, i know it’s going to be outstanding,

  8. Jen this is beyond fabulous and perfectly showcases your incredible wealth of talent!!! You are such an inspiration! I just LOOOOVVVE it!

    Hugs ~

    🙂 T

  9. I really adore this room! I love how you arranged the frames and added the butterflies for detail. I love how it’s girly but fresh and soothing. I love the calm colors. I really love everything about it. This is a definite magazine submission room!

  10. This room is just gorgeous! Those butterflies & the cage are the nicest touch! I love how you shared how the cage (which is way cute, btw!) swings in the breeze w/ the paper butterflies.. love it!
    🙂 Lara

  11. Jen the room looks fantastic, I love the frames with the butterflies, swoon!! and my favorite part is that all of your girls sleep together with the crumb in her little spot with your sweet sign above her bed….so sweet!!! thank you for sharing…I like the valance it is different and holds it own!

  12. Hi Jen,
    OH WOW!
    I LOVE IT!!!
    I love the color you painted the walls. Such a pretty color. I love all the frames and the butterflies….
    You are so talented.
    Have a great weekend!
    Take Care,
    p.s. I wish I could come to the barn sale. It looks like such an amazing event. Tracey was telling me how awesome your sweaters are that you make!!

  13. Oh Jen, I’m know I’m late to the party (can’t seem to keep up with your blog as much as I want to these days!) BUT…this room is stunning! I would love to sleep in this room myself! I’m so in love with the white butterflies, and the frames and birdcage too. I love love LOVE it!

  14. Too too too cute! Love that you used the butterflies and suspended the birdcage! Cute!!! Love ur blog. Can’t wait to check out the rest of the fabulousness!!

  15. Hi Jennifer. I know this is such an ‘after the moment’ comment as your post was back in August, but I have just been having the best time going through your bloggy archives and I just had to comment on your girls’ room. I am also the mama of 3 girls and your daughters’ bedroom is AMAZING!! I have literally thousands of girls’ bedroom pics that I have kept over the years, but yours just takes the cake! I LOVE it! I love the colour, I love the butterflies (even more so as they are made from pages from a copy of Little Women), and I love the window treatments! Sorry to be so gushy, but it is just beautiful and my 10 yr old is sitting here in total agreeance:D Fabulous job, you are so inspiring ~ Tina xx

  16. Could you tell me how you cut out the butterflies and how you attached them to the wall? I love this idea for my daughter’s room and have purchased frames but I am stuck after that!

    1. I used heavy duty double stick tape and those double sided foam things that way they could come off later.

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