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Cottagecore Spring Decorating

I wanted to dress it up a little bit with some fresh flowers so I thought I would share some pictures with you of Spring decorating. I added some Cottagecore spring decorating with lots of vintage and new pieces. The first thing I say to bring in spring is to always start with flowers.

Fresh hyacynths in a basket

I bought Hyacinth’s at TJ’s for $2.49 each. They just smell amazing and make the entire place seem bright and cheerful. The scent really permeates the air!

Forced pink hyacinth bulbs in a basket for spring

I created a cute spring vignette with some faux greenery, a cute clock and sweet, little bird. Against the Ikea curtains, it just looks like spring has come to the house.

vignette on a side table idea with a lamp at faux plant

I just love this little spring vignette on the side table. Those cement birds are my favorite! Even though the furniture is brown, the touches of light blue really bring in color and lighten it up.

Cottage living room with sprinf vignettes

The sun coming in is so warm and welcoming.

Cozy cottagecore inspired living room

The old streamer trunk is the perfect vintage touch for a repurposed coffee table.

Cottage decor and vintage french doors as dividers

I just added flowers every where It feels so spring like and homey.

Farmhouse living room with beadboard wallpaper

Pretty cottage ktichen with mason jars for flowers

Tulips in vintage mason jar

Even near the end  of blooming the tulips look pretty in vintage mason jars.

Pretty tulips in place setting

Smaller homes require smaller pieces. We were lucky to find a cute piece meant to be a sideboard to use as a kitchen island. It was a great neutral color too.

Pretty neutral kitchen light gray cabinets and faux soapstone countertops

I found a sideboard  to use as a kitchen island.

Sideboard as kitchen island

I think it’s a perfect fit for the space!

Pretty neutral kitchen light gray cabinets and faux soapstone countertopsIt’s nice to add a touch of Spring inside with a few flowers.

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  1. Jen, the house is adorable! Not in the market but if I were…Great job! Show more pictures.
    Pat in Chicago

  2. OMG, where are the car keys, + how quickly can I get my hands on some fragrant hyacinths, a.k.a. “February morale boosts”? ? ?
    This house is charming as all get-out! I love it!
    Fingers crossed for a super speedy sale!

  3. My favorite sunny house! I’ll bet that it’s beautiful today with the sun shining and the smell of those hyacinths! I hope that the Oak House’s new owners find it soon. I know that they’re out there and are ready to love all of the wonderful things that you’ve done to this special home!

  4. Jen, the house is so cute…I can’t imagine that it not selling quickly not the spring is coming around. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

    Now is the Spring Refresh party coming soon? I need to mark my calendar. 🙂

  5. I’m new here…but I feel like I’ve found a lost twin I didn’t know I had! I have the same table and chairs as your kitchen (painting them TODAY), the same accent tables in your living room painted the same colors and the same vintage trunk. Clearly I have to check in often for new ideas. 🙂 Simply lovely.

  6. I just love your cottage . The dinning table is beautiful and I was wondering where you got it from

    1. Hi Kathi, I found it at an state sale in our area. It’s a great antique library table.

  7. I’m a first-time visitor, hello! I really love the French Door inspired divider between your living room and dining space. It adds character, defines the space and brings through the light all at once.

  8. You make a house a home! Are you willing to share where you found the light fixture above your dining room table? I have been looking for something like it!

  9. Loved everything! Just wondering where the pretty lamp with horizontal pleated shade is from? Thanks!

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