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Finally! An easy solution for camouflaging those ugly basement support posts!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been slowly working on remodeling the downstairs. One issue I’ve run into is what to do about the super ugly support post holding up the  steel beam that holds up house.

I mean, know it needs to be there or the upstairs would fall down, but I can’t say I am super happy about where it’s at.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a really easy an inexpensive way to make it look so much better and I am really excited to share it with you!  The best part is it cost less than $2.00!

April 1 post graphic

It’s party crepe paper!

april fools 1

I mean, how easy can it get? We all know that a bow can fancy up any party dress, why not an annoying eye sore?

April fools 2

I think the blue really adds to the decor too. And I can change it out seasonally as well. White for winter,yellow for summer.

april fools 4

I also found I can use the “candy cane” technique and with a piece of clear tape, really make it pop. I bet for Christmas red and white would look amazing.

It’s very rustic glam.

april fools 5

I also found that the “mardi gras” streamer style application added some fun and whimsy to the space.

april fools 3

For Easter, I decided to go with clear tape and an Easter basket. I bet the Easter bunny leaves me an awesome treats this year.

Don’t you just love a super easy and simple solution? I can totally see Martha Stewart or County Living featuring this. It’s right up their alley!

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha that is really funny – I have been dreaming about remodeling/finishing my basement and thought oh great – Jennifer always has creative ideas. Love it – I may use this technique elsewhere in my house as well. Thank you for the early morning laugh. Happy April Fools Day!

  2. You’re so funny, Jen!! I laughed out loud when I got to the very end. Oh ho ho, that was so funny! Honestly, though, I did wonder if you were having a bad craft day or something and felt moved with compassion.

    You gave me a great idea for those posts though. And it’s right in your photos! Thank you! See that lovely chalkboard surface behind the post? Well… you could paint the post with chalkboard paint too. Then you could get really creative with writing all around the post. And maybe even drawing on the chalkboard behind it to compliment what was on the post. It would be a 3-D chalk drawing! How about drawing a tree on the post and more trees and forest on the chalkboard? Or maybe flowers on the post and a garden on the board. Wafting words on the post and clouds on the board… Words and letters everywhere… Now I wish I had a post I could try that out on.

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