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For the Love of a New Blog Header

Way back in the early days, when dinosaurs roamed the planet and TV shows were still in black and white (and according to my kids, I was born.), blogging was just a baby. 6 years ago blog headers were something that were  a major commitment. Bloggers toiled and despaired about making such a “big” change.How would people see you? Does it represent me? And if you didn’t know HTML code, you couldn’t do a thing to change your blog and had to pay some one to do everything for you. really thought long and hard about changing them. Now, it’s  a matter of a  bit of photo collage and a little text and boom, new header.
 I am playing with new graphics to change my current one for spring, but  I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my blog headers and how they have changed. It’s kind of funny to see how they have evolved as I moved towards finding my identity and using a blog name to using my own name to brand myself. I was lucky enough early on to have Sara to help me with mine until I figured out somethings for myself.
Sanctuary Arts blog header

I slowly went from a collaged theme to a postcard style theme.
Post card themed blog header
And then we flipped it around a little bit when I decided on my rebrand to go under my name.
Post card theme for Jennifer Rizzo

Then I wanted it more photo realistic for this New Blog Header.

Coffee cups and paint brushes in a blog headerI loved being able to mix and match photos
Photo collage on header of a girl walking in boots, a potting bench and flowers in a vase

And here is the most recent one and I love the story it tells! Much about my home and creativity.

Jennifer Rizzo blog header with books and coffee cup, a kitchen area and end of a couch

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  1. So nice to see your header evolution..I just put up my first header yesterday…not sure about it yet so It’s nice to see it’s a evolving process for others too.

    Kelly @ Babiole de Windsor

  2. I love all of them….they are all fresh and creative! Love the new picture of you, too Jen. You are beautiful inside and out:)!


  3. Do you want to hear something funny? or maybe just a little bit silly? There are some days I just drop by to sit and look at your header. I fell in love with the garden bench (it even inspired the rough sketch of what I plan on building one of these days….) and then came your Christmas header. It literally made me sigh… so peaceful. Oddly enough it reminded me of days spent living with my grandparents even though it looks nothing like their farm ever did. It is just the feeling it evokes. So thank you! For all the time and effort you put into it! I look forward to seeing your spring header!! I know it will truly be inspirational!

  4. I need the easy tutorial for sure. I love your headers, maybe you can help us that are not quite as gifted!! hee, hee, Di@Cottage-wishes

  5. Jennifer,
    My fav of your headers is the one with the the little girl and pink boots and umbrella. It just makes you smile to look at it. I can’t wait to see what you do for Spring too. All of them are great.

  6. I remember when I saw your header in Artful Blogging (stalker much? 🙂 ) and I was so, so excited for you – I LOVE seeing the evolution over the years – it is beautiful.

  7. What a fun transformation, Jennifer! I always hate even thinking about changing my blog header….because of the sizing problem. It takes me a multitude of tries to get it right, so I don’t change it too often. Would you consider doing a tutorial on doing one…the easy way?? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  8. This is a really fun post, Jennifer. I am keeping my blog headers so I can look back too. Creativity is so much fun and rewarding.

  9. Oh my gosh I have been following too long as I remember most of these. I rarely make comments S by the time I get around to it , it has all been said. Could not let this one go by

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