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Fresh Eucalyptus in Christmas Decor and Mantelscape

Eucalyptus is one of my favorite winter smells! I love using fresh eucalyptus in Christmas decor. I’m mildly allergic to pine, so it’s a great alternative for me. I must admit, as a kid, it always made me think of cough drops, but now it just smells super fresh to me. I love having fresh bundles of it through the winter. One of my biggest surprises was when I visited California recently and realized some varieties of those thin bunches I buy at the grocery store are actually little branches from HUGE HUGE trees. In fact, a woman coming back with us on our flight was carrying large bundles of it on the plane with her. It made me laugh because I tried to grow some here over the summer, and I ended up with three spindly little stalks that died the minute the temperature dropped below 30 degrees.

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Candlle light glow in a Christmas living room

I was recently sent a fresh eucalyptus wreath from Arhaus so I could show it for a wreath giveaway tomorrow (Monday), in conjunction with the linky party, so I thought I would give you a closer look at it and how I styled it on my mantel. I think that makes it the third mantel restyling since the beginning of November. You can see how it looked for the holiday housewalk here.

Faux fireplace styled with a fresh eucalyptus wreath

I pulled down the cedar I had on the mantel, since it had dried out and I was tired of feeling stuffy, and hung the wreath over my mirror.

MIxed eucalutpus wreath

I also moved the holy family onto a boho stool, and my mercury glass trees to the opposite side of the vintage candlesticks.

Modern vintage mantel with mixed eucalyptus wreath

I like it little simpler with my mantel with a few ornaments and candlesticks. I love the  DIY faux wood beam mantel cover and how everything looks on it. I am so glad we did it.

Simple Christmas mantel decor with vintage brass candle sticks and ornaments

Lest you think we are forgetting a few stockings, I pulled them down for the photo. It was the first things my kids noticed … “Hey! Where are our stockings!!!” and then they promptly rolled their eyes when I told them it was for a photo shoot. They are so over me.

Fresh, mixed eucalyptus wreath

I can’t tell you how awesome it smells! As a former firefighter I will put out the disclaimer of never leave a burning candle unattended, and always be careful around any kind of faux or fresh/real greenery. Keep the wreath red!

Mantel with eucalyptus wreath and vintage decor

While I love the fresh eucalyptus in Christmas decor, I am sure this will probably change up one more time at least before Christmas is over. I’ll make sure I share if I do!

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