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Why I Have to Paint my Bedroom Door

How could a door frame possibly become this beat up? How could any one who paints let this get so nicked and dinged up? Well… this is no ordinary wear and tear. This is the kind of wear and tear a door gets when you’ve been out for the night having a fun time with neighbors and after walking home and having the babysitter leave, you realized your bedroom door is locked, and you can’t get in because the key is actually on the inside. While it would make more sense to just crash on the couch until the morning, that wouldn’t be as incredibly funny.
dark Bedroom door knob on white door

So, as quietly as possible, you both try to pry the door open by removing part of the door frame and use  a screw driver to mess with the lock mechanism (without waking the sleeping children), all while arguing in a whisper about how to do it. After finally realizing that it’s not going to come off or open without removing the entire thing (and that jamming a screwdriver into the key hole doesn’t really work,), you decide it’s a much better idea to have hubby hoist you up, while he stands on a chair in the back yard, by the bum into a window by the light of the silvery moon. And then you realize it’s easier to get into your house than you like, and make a mental note to fix that issue while trying not to die while balancing over the window sill.
Then, after scaling the side of your house McGyver style, hoping that the neighbors aren’t watching the 1 am “show” and/or calling the police; you quietly tip-toe to the door to open it and realize that the door now doesn’t open from the inside either (Probably because you must have broken it one of the five times you shoved the screwdriver in there.). So now, you are locked in and he is locked out. Ultimately, the entire door molding has to come off and the fairly new door knob is now very broken..
That is why I have to paint my bedroom door.
The End.

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