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Full kitchen remodel -traditional to transitional

 I have a client I am currently working with on a full kitchen remodel. Her home was built in the early 90’s and rehabbed  by a house-flipper sometime around the mid-2000’s.

The kitchen had already been done when the client moved in, so now, we have to take into consideration things that weren’t done properly by the house flipper in the design and current construction budget.We are staying with the existing foot print and floors to make things much easier and more affordable.

traditional kitchen before remodel

My client knew she wanted timeless cabinets, with a contrasting island. We are opting for a white shaker cabinets, with some glass fronts, and a custom dark wood island, and a quartz countertop. We are modernizing it with really cool mid-century inspired lighting, and gold cabinet hardware.

Everything came out today, so with the clients permission, I am sharing the before and the middle with you. The cabinets are going in soon,the old backsplash removed, and then the counters with get measured and installed. A full kitchen remodel definitely take time (as many of you know who have gone through it.).

Client during full kitchen remodel

Since we are working with an existing foot print, we had to get creative about storage. She wanted an entire wall of cabinets, so we opted to use the wall opposite of the sink to make a coffee bar with glass front, do some taller pantry cabinets,  and have a new place to stow the microwave.

Full kitchen remodel design

This was the design we worked on (repeatedly), with the cabinet company. We opted for  lots of drawers which offer a more organized storage, and some specialty cabinets like a pull-out spice rack, and a sheet pan cabinets. Since the kitchen isn’t huge (wide), we have a longer island for more prep space. That is the thing about kitchen design in older homes. Sometimes there is a sacrifice to get more of what you want, and figuring out what is  the highest on the priority list vs. what will work. I know the client would love a giant island, but unless we start moving walls, it’s not going to happen. We also added glass fronts to the back cabinets and coffee bar, so it doesn’t feel like a solid,looming wall of just cabinets.

I put together a little inspiration board of the full kitchen remodel to share the direction we are going in with your on Polyvore. I used two ready-made cabinets to give you an idea of the cabinet colors, and found lights very similar to what we ordered.

Client kitchen mod transitional


I’ll keep you posted as we go along in the process! It’s exciting to see  this full kitchen remodel take place.