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Tagged….Making your own tea-dyed tags.

Today is the perfect fall weather. A little warm and breezy, with just  a touch of underlying coolness. The sun is shining and someone is burning so there is a bit of  campfire smell. 
I’ve been busy making tags for the sale. After tea-dying some; I had hung them on my clothesline to dry. Tea-dyed tags are so easy to make. Just soak your tags in a bowl of dark, heavily brewed black tea. I either spread mine out to dry on towels if it’s yucky out, or in the warmer months, I can hang them to dry outside.
Once the dry, they are ready to be stamped on.
I thought they looked so pretty in the breeze almost like mini-paper wind chimes. 
The sun was at just the right angle to give then a kind of glow.
My tags were inspired by Bridgette and her estate and her spirit.

It’s coming up faster than I thought!

🙂 Jen
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  1. i’ve been thinking so much about bridgette and the girls who are telling her story, may the prairie whisper her truths to you…so wish i could join you…
    your tags are absolutely amazing!!

    prairie hugs,

    btw~where did you get your face stamp? have been looking for one everywhere..

  2. Jennifer,
    Those tags are really pretty. You could probably sell the photos you took of them drying too.

    I wanted to share a book with you that I know you’d be interested in. It’s the Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It’s definitely full of more information than any one person would want to know, but NEEDS to know, about what we’re having for dinner. Literally! From grains in America, farming, soil fertilization; he follows a steer from weening to slaughter and documents the cows life, how he’s feed, where it comes from, what’s put in his food and that’s just the beginning of the story. It’s quite an enlightening read and all true. I follow your other blog but can’t seem to find it or I’d post over there. You of all people will appreciate this book.


  3. those tags are so cute – are you going to let the buyer take them home? I think they would like that!!

    they are almost keepsake 🙂

    looooong night last night – clean up day today – and then ‘diving in’ tomorrow………….

  4. Ahhh, to be at the NaDa sale with some of my most favorite people!

    I usually am thankful for being a Texan, but I’d give my right-something to be a mid-Westerner every once in a blue moon. 🙂

    Beautiful tags!


  5. I’ve used the key stamp over and over and over … a favorite for a couple of years … it somehow always makes me smile …

    I love them as art … that’s you, Jen

  6. Those are sooo cute! I love tea-stained tags! When I was at the last Na-Da barn sale I bought a ladder that I think had that same cage stamper on the tag! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of everyone’s lovely work!
    🙂 Lara

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