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How to Make Lavender Sugar…..

Lavender Sugar has a sweet, lightly floral flavor that pairs well with lemon and other flavors. My mouth waters just thinking about lavender shortbread. It’s easy to make lavender sugar with a few simple steps.

Make lavender sugar for baking, drinks and gifting.

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I love everything about lavender and grow it in my yard. I love just weeding around it and how I can smell it in the warm sun.It’s so easy to make too!  To make lavender sugar, I like to use the ratio of 4 cups organic sugar to 1 cup organic,culinary lavender flowers.

Make lavender sugar with  lavender buds and organic sugar for baking

It’s important to use completely dried lavender blossoms so they don’t mold in a closed container, and if you can’t grow your own, buy food grade blossoms so you know they are safe for consumption and have not been sprayed with anything. Sometimes those bunches you buy in the store are actually sprayed with a preservative or shellac.

After you put your sugar lavender mix in the jars, let is sit, giving it a shake every few days for about a week to evenly the flavor from the lavender. After about a week, I break it up into smaller mason jars. It’s a great way to give as gifts, or use in smaller portions.

It’s pretty on it’s own or sprinkled over cupcakes or short bread. You can also use a metal strainer with smaller holes to sift the sugar from the blossoms if you want to use it from coffee or tea and don’t want bits and pieces floating in your drink.

Culinary lavender growing in the garden

I am a lavender lover and adore the scent all over my home.  Bedsides baking, when you make your own lavender sugar it can also be used for lavender lemonade, body scrubs and more!

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