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Upcycled Painted Wood Bowls

Hi everyone! DecoArt recently sent me a new product to try and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s a product called DecoArt Suede and it’s now available at Michaels! It’s a beautiful matte lightly textured acrylic that has the look of painted suede.  On my a recent shopping trip, I bought some really great vintage small wood bowls.  With the Suede paint (not for food use), I decided to make upcycled painted wood bowls to decorate my open kitchen shelving. I thought they would add a pretty pop of color stacked together.

This post is sponsored by DecoArt and Michaels. Opinions are entirely my own.

Matte paint for surfaces with a suede-like finish

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The nice thing about plain wood, is it’s such a blank slate, like these painted boho trays.

Plain wood bowl for painting from thrift store

l love picking up these plain wood pieces to paint because they have so much potential. I loved the rustic nature! I picked three contrasting colors for the inside and the outside of the bowls. I painted the insides first, and then when completely dry, flipped them over to back the outside.

Rust,Navy and Cream as contrasting color scheme

I thought these were fun, earthy and trendy colors for my painted stacking bowls. The best part is there was no prep needed for the bowls, and DecoArt Suede covers small imperfections, so I didn’t worry about fixing any nicks or scratches in the wood.

Painting matte paint on a bowl upcycle

After shaking the paint to make sure it’s mixed, The suede paint is easiest to apply with a soft brush and the special “x” technique. You can watch a video of the process, or skip ahead to see the rest of the steps.

Painting Navy Blue Suede Paint on vintage wood bowl

To get the Suede look, apply paint in one direction, and then paint in the opposite direction. A good way to think about it is to make cross-hatch or an “X” pattern over and over.

Paint horizontally and then vertically to make a suede look with matte paint.

One thing I loved about this product, is that even though it had a texture to it, it had a really smooth glide when painting. Let dry between coats, and add more coats for additional texture.

Painting the backside of the wood bowls with sueded matte acrylic lightly textured paint

When dry, it can be coated with Suede Varnish for additional durability and fully cures in 7-10 days. An 8 oz. bottle covers 22 sq. feet, so I have plenty left over for other projects.

Let painted bowls dry then paint inside with matte acrylic textured paint

Once the varnish is dry, it’s time to display your painted treasures! I love how the paint adds a custom on luxurious finish!

Painted wood upcycled bowls with matte lightly textured paint

I stacked them on my open shelving with some cook books. They add really nice visual interest.

LIghtly textured matte acrylic on painted wood bowls

I found the bowls for $1.99 each, so I love how they look so high end, but didn’t cost that much to make!

Painted wood bowls for display on cookbooks open shelving

Doesn’t it have such a great high-end texture? I can’t wait to try it on other surfaces and projects!

If you’re looking for the supplies used in this project, you can find them here on the Michaels website:

Americana Suede in 10 colors and Soft Brushes


DIY upcycled painted wood bowls with acrylic paint