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Glue Resist Art Wall Hanging

Have you ever made glue resist art before? If you aren’t familiar with glue resist, it’s a technique using a medium such as glue or wax on fabric or another surface to cover the bottom layer. With resist painting, you then apply a layer  of resist, then another layer over it with another medium such as paint, or dye. Then, you remove the resist medium to reveal the layer underneath. This is often used in silk scarf dying, and in watercolor (on paper) with a material called frisket. Resist art is fun, because it really opens up possibilities when you want to bring another layer of color in, or even just negative white space.

Spray painting over glue resist Jennifer Rizzo

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As well as white craft glue as a resist for this glue resist art  wall hanging project, I also used the HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint sprayer. I really liked being able to use the paint sprayer to evenly apply the  paint. It made it super easy to get an even coat! I’ll share a bit of the technique with you here, but you can head over to the HomeRight blog to see the full tutorial, iincluding how to hang your project when you’re done.

Make a large scale hanging canvas with glue resist and a painter's tarp Jennifer Rizzo

This project is made with just  painter’s tarp and white craft glue, so the best part is, it’s an easy project…I always love a good white glue craft project.

Paint on your glue resist over your pattern Jennifer RIzzo

Use the tip of the glue container as a drawing tool. Since I was making mountains, I let the glue flow out and make some wavy, free-form lines. Once the glue was ready, I laid it flat in my Medium Spray Shelter .

Spray painting over glue resist Jennifer Rizzo

I loved using my Super Finish Max for the larger scale of this project! It applied the paint waaaaaay more evenly than I could with a brush. Once the paint is dry, you’ll use this technique to remove it.

Remove the glue in your glue resist technique to reveal the under layer, Jennifer Rizzo

Once you remove the glue resist layer, you get this really cool look! I am excited to break this out for other projects, including DIY fabric with fabric paint.

Make a glue resist artwork with white craft glue and painter's tarp Jennifer Rizzo

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