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Wild & Bloom 2019 Spring Decor Launch

One of the thing I love about co-owning my own retail store is the possibilities. One of the possibilities we had talked about was doing a spring collection that would allow us to guide not only our spring buying, but allow me to go deeper into my experience with art and product design. After brainstorming, we decided to capture the feeling of spring. The freshness, and the sweetness, and abandon that it emerges as everything grows. We landed on the name Wild & Bloom, and started building everything around that theme. Of course my favorite part is the Wild & Bloom bunny. He’s(or She’s)  just the cutest! I designed the pillows and display theme.

Wild & Bloom at The Collective lhe + Makery in Lisle,IL


I’ve been working on window display for a while, which if you’ve followed my Instagram stories, you saw my giant vases with pampas grass plumes for the window. If not, don’t worry! I will be following up with a post for you to see my process, which is how to build cardboard displays from our recycled boxes was so fun and interesting to try for the first time! I loved being able to put all of the designs together when merchandising the store.

Faux floral bar at The Collective lhe + Makery in Lisle, IL

Last night, we hosted a VIP event in our store, and it was so much  fun, and it was so awesome to be able to unveil our vision!

Hello Spring Pillow from The Collective lhe Wild & Bloom collection

I loved being able to pull out my paints, and really dive into what Wild & Bloom meant. I love spring so much, especially after such a long winter. I can’t wait to start my seeds, and I get so excited when I see all of the rebirth happening around me! I poured that into my artwork, and we used that as a guide as we picked out coordinating decor, candles, jewelry and apparel items.

Mosntera Pillow


I love Wild & Bloom, and I am excited to start thinking about the next collection, and how we can make that come alive in our store. For those of you who don’t live close, you can shop some of the designs! You can find the bunny pillow here in spring designs.


  1. Oh, girl!!!! I had no idea! Forget that online shop, I’m coming to see everything in person. Congratulations!!

    Jane x

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