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Gold Leaf Modern Boho Ornaments

I had so many requests and questions about how to make the Gold Leaf Modern Boho Ornaments, that I pulled together a little video about it. I had some much fun making the video, that I decided to do a little web series and  I’m calling it Let’s Make Something. I really love teaching workshops and haven’t been able to since March. I really really miss it. Of the most recent workshops I had scheduled, one we were quarantined for, and the other everything spiked too high so I cancelled it. I’m hoping to do a few Zoom or FB live work shops you can sign up for, I just need to figure it out. Creating the video made it fun to be able to chat with you and teach. I am going to try to do one a week.

How to make a Gold leaf DIY boho ornament

The video plays better if you go to full screen. It does have auto-generated subtitles, so it’s close to what I say most of the time. Sometimes I think the translator has a hard time understanding my Chicago accent, and there are pauses in slightly weird places, but I think the main point comes across so you want watch the video at night under the covers like I do. The closed captioning is probably good thing because I talk so fast anyway. Ha ha.

For the project you’ll need: Clear plastic ornaments (I reused these) , Decoupage medium or white craft glue, gold leaf in sheets, a soft brush, a flat brush, white multi-surface paint and black multi-surface paint and ribbon. I’ve used Decoupage medium as an alternative to gold leaf adhesive. It works well for this particular project. You can also grab the supplies here on Amazon.

After painting the clear ornaments with white multi-surface paint, brush you decoupage medium onto the ornament with a soft, flat brush.

Using decoupage medium for Gold leafing

Dip your ornament onto your gold leafing.

Dipping the ornaments onto Gold leaf

Carefully pat gold leafing onto the areas with decoupage medium.

Carefully pat your gold leaf onto the ornament

Let dry completely.

Let dry and then brush away gold leaf excess with soft brush

Use a soft brush to remove excess gold leaf before painting. Then have fun painting all kinds of dots, dashes, and random boho marks with black multi-surface paint to create your DIY gold leaf modern boho ornaments.

Brush excess gold leaf off with soft brush

 I love how those clear ornaments are so versatile. A few years ago I made gold leaf monogram ornaments, and modern glitter ornaments with them too on one of my favorite mantelscapes of all time. You can also get wild and crazy and do some abstract ornaments like City Farmhouse, or even some with gold leaf bottom ornaments similar to mine with simpler designs like Delineate your Dwelling did. I almost like hers better than mine!  There are lots of possibilities!

Boho and gold leaf Christmas tree


Modern Painted DIY Boho Gold Leaf Ornaments