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How to Draw Chalkboard Art For Christmas

With the house tour coming up; I thought I would have some fun with some chalkboard art in my front entry. I sketched up a Santa and then added the lettering. I cheated on the lettering and did a transfer technique that I have used in the past to paint patterns and motifs on furniture. I have simple directions in a tutorial below How to Draw Chalkboard Art For Christmas!
Santa Claus chalk board art

I loved how this chalkboard art turned out! I found lots of fun fonts on Dafont.com to use. And I always find great graphics with a vintage feel at Thegraphicsfairy.com. For the full tutorial skip to just under this picture.
Cute holiday chalk board lettering

Here are a few simple steps to create your own chalkboard art, even if you aren’t an artist!

1.  Have any items you want to create in chalk art printed and blown up to the size you want to draw them at. Engineer prints are an afforable way to do this. Black and white clip art or art with bold lines works the best. Make sure to print out any words right side up you’re transferring everything as you see it.
2. Rub chalk all over the  back of your print. This will get a little dusty.
3. Tape the prints chalk side down onto the chalkboard surface to hold them in place. Use a pencil to trace over all of your lines.
4. When you life your paper, there should be faint lines you can draw over and darken with chalk. This creates your image.
5. Use a damp paper towel to remove any chalk dust or lines you don’t want.
6. Display until you are done with it and then erase and start over!
 Santa a jolly old soul. After I was done, I started wondering if that saying was really Santa, or was that from Old King Cole?
Santa in chalkboard art in a frame
It’s ok!  It belongs to Santa now! I just added a freehand design to the right for a little flair.
How to draw Santa Claus in chalk on a chalkboard
 I am so excited getting everything ready for the walk! Hopefully Santa will still be here! The minute I finished the kids asked me when they can add to my artwork. 🙂

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  1. Great job Jen! I need to work on my chalk art.It’s not so good right now LOL! As kids get older and they know about Santa you can still say “Santa is watching you”. Because he/she really is 😉

  2. Jen, it looks fabulous and festive! Did you just use regular chalk and/or chalk pens. Seems like from what I’ve heard you can’t really use chalk pens on the chalkboards. Wondering if anyone has any experience doing such?????

    Such a great inspiration!

  3. That is adorable. I was thinking about someone erasing it and then read what your kids said. Yikes, I hopw it makes it through the tour. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful homes.

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