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A Swing Set Tent

Even though the “B” word wasn’t allowed to say around here:  I still hear it out of my chickie’s mouths quite a bit. “I am sooo BOOOORED!” We have one of those play sets with two swings in the center and a slide at the other end. I thought a swing set tent would be the perfect place they could be bored in. I always see old and pretty vintage sheets at thrift stores for a few dollars each.
Give teh kids a fun summer hide out in a swing set tent

 We did manage to alleviate some of that summer “nuthin’ to do.”, and it was a great way to reuse a pile of the old sheets I had laying around.
Make an easy tent on a swing set
It was as simple as two straight stitches on my machine where the ends meet. It took 3 full size sheets end to end.
We removed the swings and put them in the shed temporarily.
Vintage sheets made into a tent for kids on a swing set
We tossed it over the top and weighted the bottom with rocks since it was going to be temporary. It wasn’t too windy, so the rocks held well. Make sure to do this on a still weather day with out wind and stay out with the kids and supervise them while they use it. Once they are done, we take it down right away and wash the sheets.
Use an old swing set to make a fun tent with old sheets
We brought over an outdoor carpet from the deck and their little play table and bench inside and they had  a little tea party out of the sun in their “girl’s hang out”.
Cute picnic scene under a swing set
They had  a blast and I could hear them having conversations across the yard. My oldest asked if we could sleep out there tonight. Not unless she want’s to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. For now, it’s just for daytime fun. I think I would like to get them some bead bag chairs for some summer reading.
Underneath a swingset tent
 I might have to put a lounge chair, a book,  and grab a mommy drink in there for myself  🙂
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repurpose old sheets into a swing set tent
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  1. wow that beings back memories!! I remember when I was a little girl always tenting a sheet or blanket over my mother’s clothes line. Hours of fun!

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