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How to make a hanging butcher paper roll dispenser with a hand-lettered Christmas greeting….

Somewhere on Pinterest, I saw  a craft paper/butcher paper dispenser. Of course I didn’t pin it when I saw it, and now I can’t find it, but I really wanted one for near my front door.

 I also love the concept of chalkboard lettering,

so I thought doing some Sharpie marker art with the DIY butcher paper dispenser would be  the perfect combination of the two!

HOw to make a DIY butcher paper dispenser

So I am going to show you today how to make this! It’s so much easier than you think!Chalkboard lettering on butcher paper

And I love that I can keep my artwork;

when the season it over,I can roll it up and start fresh!

You’ll need :

a roll of light colored craft paper or butcher paper cut to  24″

2 dowels( 1 1/2 inch,1 3/4 inch cut to 30″

brown craft paint


sharpie marker

Font’s of choice, I found mine at Dafont

First, your paper will probably come in a 36″ inch length, I pulled out my hacksaw and cut the paper to the right length,tube and all.

It actually left a bit of a rough edge which I kind of like. Next time I might saw off both sides.

How to make a butcher paper dispenserAfter you cut your dowels and paper down,paint your dowel rods in brown paint.

How to make a butcher paper dispenserSlip your smaller rod into the tube of the brown paper and use the garden twine to make  a hanger.

How to make a butcher paper dispenser Jennifer RizzoI looped mine a few times and tied a small piece of dowel at the top to a make sure it would hold the weight.

How to make a butcher paper dispenser holder

At the bottom, I rolled the bottom(larger dowel) up the the paper for a few inches to weigh it down. I then punched holes and threaded garden twin through to hold it in place.

This way when I am ready to change it, I can just roll it up and tie it higher. Or, if I want to move it to the kitchen I can do that too.

How to make a butcher paper dispenser with winter artI then added all of my art and lettering using this pencil transfer technique, 

you can also use transfer/graphite paper.

 Butcher paper sharpie artI love how it turned out! I can see doing lots of art this way!

butcher paper dispenser on Jennifer Rizo.comYou can see how I tied it off at the bottom through the punched holes.

Butcher paper art with a Sharpie marker!It’s an under $10 project too which is always great!

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  1. LOVE this, Jen! There is so many options that you could use this with and I love how you can keep it year to year!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. I love this idea to liven up my apartment a bit and add some character! My BF is always complaining he doesn’t know what I want him to do (partially because he’s not listening when I tell him, but I won’t go there today) and I figure if I can continue to roll up the paper like a message board/same conept as the chalkboard, we can draw/doodle, write down what we want to do next weekend, lists, etc ! Great tutorial thank you!

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