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How to Host a DIY Holiday Sign Painting Party…

It’s a sign painting party! Last year, I had an 8 foot sign in front of my house that said,”May your days be merry and bright.” We gathered a group of neighbors together, some stencils and boards, a few bottles of wine, and made some fun outdoor decor together!  I hosted a DIY holiday sign painting party.

How to host a holiday sign painting party #diysigns #signpainting

To DIY your own signs, you’ll need 1 x 8 pine boards with minimal knots. The height will depend on your preference. We picked longer boards, but for leaving boards, you may want to make 4 tall boards.

House sign painting party song lyrics

You’ll also need a base coat color of an exterior paint so it holds up to the weather. I used a cream color. You’ll also want song lyrics, and multi-surface paint. I like this brand (affiliate link) of outdoor paint.
The one thing I have been truly blessed with is fantastic neighbors. They are caring, wonderful people. We decided this year it would be fun to do the song White Christmas all the way up the block…
In fact you can see how they all look finished here.

So at my house, we gathered together. Now my house isn’t very big, but that’s not that important. We made it so everyone can fit!

We had paint brushes in hand, and got to work. I made sure the boards were base coated first.

6 of my favorite neighbors did the print, pencil and paint method. 
on plain old 8′ x 12′ pine boards, base coated with flat white. We sealed them with an all weather sealer after. The nice thing is, even though we get  lit of snow, it’s not really all that wet out.
I had pre-printed all of the lyrics to transfer beforehand.

Host a sign painting party Jennifer Rizzo

We cranked the holiday tunes,painted, laughed and drank. I hope the letters are fairly straight~!

Hand painted holiday sign painting party

It was signs everywhere! Some of us are hanging ours, others are putting them in the ground.

Host a fun sign painting party

 There’s nothing like your neighbor walking home with a 10 foot piece of lumber at 11:00 at night. You can take the neighborhood tour here!
~ Jen
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