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How to make a scrap leather heart garland….

Hi friends! I’m Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I’m so super thrilled to be back here with another contributor post for you all!
I secretly love Valentine’s Day, but since I live in a house full of boys I can’t really go all out pink and girly without having a major mutiny on my hands, so I try to keep decorations simple and neutral. And, this actually works out perfect as I’m not totally the frilly type and earth tones blend so well with our current décor.

Truthfully, this has ended up being one of my favorite crafts ever. And the absolute bonus is that this leather heart garland is beyond simple to make.

You just need a few supplies: pen, heart template (I used a cookie cutter), fabric shears, scrap leather (sold by the bag at craft stores), waxed thread (found in the same section as the leather) and a hole punch (I use this Crop-A-Dile).

Simply trace the heart template onto the back of your leather scraps (every bag is different so you never really know what you are going to get) and cut them out.



Use the smallest opening on your punch to make two holes at the top of each heart and string together.

See! I told you this was super easy!

I welcome you all to stop by Number Fifty-Three and say hello!


  1. I love this! You can buy scrap leather? I had no idea!! Such a great alternative since you live in a house full of boys. You’ve totally inspired me.

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