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Some fun projects for Valentines Day…

I can’t believe January is almost half way over and it’s just about a month until Valentine’s Day! I thought I would revisit some old posts that have gotten buried in the muck and mire of time.

This project is one of my favorites!

  Converstaion hearts made from paper clay

Conversation heart-inspired clay Valentines.

I know you know I have a love affair with airdry and paper clay. There are so many things you can do with it and I just love the feel and result. I love these! They are really easy to make and are about as big as your hand.

That’s how awesome they are! I would love to get one!

Make Heart shaped pom pomsI also loved making these heart shaped pom-poms.  There is nothing that says love like I am going to chop a bunch of yarn just for you.

how to make handstamped ribbonAnd hand-stamped ribbon.

I think it just looks pretty and you can use it mixed media art and home decor too.

Valentine's day dollar store frame

And this one is very easy! I just used some scrapbook paper around the edges to pretty it up!

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  1. Lové all you havé inspirer this past year, look forward to à 2014 filled with all you créate and share.
    I have been working more with my French wire art, adding love for Valentine days. Come visit my French wire crowns and wirework in my post.

    See you soon


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