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How to make faux flower bulbs and a tulip planter for spring

We still have snow on the ground here, but in my heart I am ready for springtime and all of the pretty flowers and faux flower bulbs that come with it!

I’ve seen some really pretty floral arrangements with exposed faux flower bulbs but some of them had $60. I decided to come up with a away to get a similar look with a much lower price tag.

I bought everything for the project either on sale or with a 40% off coupon.

I thought this would be a great budget decorating DIY project to brighten your space!

How to make a faux tulip bulb planter

You’ll need:

2- inch Styrofoam Balls

Faux Tulips

River stones and gravel or floral foam

paper lunch bags (cut the bag straight across into strips about 4 inches tall, use 1 strip per bulb)

White craft glue

wood dowels cut into 3 inch pieces

Moss basket

Spanish Moss

Faux tulips from Michael's

 I found these pretty faux tulips at Micheal’s. I liked the greenery they had too.They were less than $2.00 each with the sale. That was less than the flowers they had at Walmart.

Remove the leaves at the base and cut the stems of the tulips to the height you would like. I eyeballed mine.

Use styrofoam ball as faux bulb center

First insert the stem into the foam ball with a little craft glue.

Use dowel rod in the bottom of ball

Then add the dowel piece.

Apply white craft glue all over ball and wrap in paper bag

Load the foam ball with white craft glue and  wrap the paper bag section around the ball. Trim off excess. Tuck under the bottom and twist it on at the top where the stem meet the ball. This makes your bulb.

Use spanish moss to mimic roots of the bulb

Glue the Spanish moss on at the base. if you’re lucky it has a little wood chip to glue with it.This makes the exposed “roots”.

SPanish moss makes great roots for a faux bulb

To make a “flowerless” faux bulb, just use a ball and short dowel.

Use this to make afake tulip flower bulb

I also made an  emerging  bulb by cutting off the greens from another flower and just using those.

Wrap paper around styrofoam ball and faux leavesWhile they were drying I filled my moss basket with gravel and river stones.

FIll planted with small pebbles to hold up bulbs

Use larger rocks in moss plater

You could use floral foam too if you wanted.

Brown paper bag faux tulip bulbs

I then inserted my bulbs into the stones.

Very cook faux tulip bulbs made with a brown paper bag

You could use some paint to make the blubs look even more realistic, but I decided to leave mine the way they were for now.

Faux tulips from michaels

There’s my little faux bulb on the bottom, just hanging by himself.

Great tutotial on how to make a faux tulip bulb planter

Super cute DIY faux tulip planter with fake bulbs

Since I bought everything on sale and with a coupon, this was an under $15 dollar project.  I think it looks way more expensive!

How to make faux flower bulbs from paper bags. This paper bag craft has step by step directions

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Jen, these are adorable!!!! And so easy! This is my kind of project!!!! Gotta make a bunch for my kitchen island!!! You really got an extra dose of the creative gene my friend!!! I’m thrilled to be working on this series with you!

  2. I am so loving this! I always feel like they look so cheesy in the store. A great way to liven them up! Thank you Jen!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I already have a moss basket. Will have to give this a try soon. Thanks for sharing the how tos’!

  4. Jen, I’m so grateful this winter has been so so much better than last year’s deep freeze with a thousand inches of snow. 😉 But, as the days grow longer I cannot wait for spring! Your bare bulb idea is so clever. I’m pinning and planning to have fun creating some too! You rocked this project for sure!!

    Hope your day is extraordinary!

  5. These are too cute! Can’t wait to get the stuff to make these and I have the perfect container to put them in! I also like Rita’s idea of rubbing the dirt on them! Thanks for the great tutorial and pictures! I am such a visual learner.

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