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How to Paint a Pumpkin Stem

Welcome! This is part 3 of how to paint a rustic pumpkin canvas with a palette knife. This video below shows you how to paint a pumpkin stem with a palette knife. You can find the original post linked below that also has the supply list and the video tutorial.

You can paint this rustic DIY painted pumpkin canvas

How to Tutorial: How to Paint a Rustic Pumpkin

When Painting your pumpkin stem, here are a few tips:

Use the palette knife to wiggle raw umber paint into a stem-like shape at the base of where the stem would sit. Holding the knife at a slight angle helps. If that doesn’t seem to be working, switch to  a brush until you get farther up the stem. To make it look like a stem, think about creating a loose upside down “L” shape. The stem should continue to get skinnier and skinnier the farther you get away from the top of the pumpkin.

Paint the base of the pumpkin stem  by using dark brown paint

Add accent colors of sap green, burnt orange and white to highlight the stem and give it dimensions you can also small touches of green and yellow ochre to highlight the pumpkin if desired as well.

Pull up paint to the top of the stem when you paint a pumpkin stem

The one thing I do want to make sure I highlight about painting a pumpkin or any kind of art for that matter.

Creating without comparison matters.

I’ve taught a lot of workshops, well over 50 in the last 3 years. One thing I know. I don’t care what you think your talent or skill level is… Your art matters. Your hand that touches the canvas matters.

Add highlights to the stem with tan and white

Everyone’s art should look different and that should be celebrated. It shouldn’t look perfect, and that should also be celebrated. That’s what makes art so beautiful, how different it is. And the simple fact that you created it makes is beautiful… The. End. So find enjoyment in your creating and painting, and just play.