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How to take an old brass thrift store find and turn it into a high end rope-wrapped lamp!!!

You have got to LOVE those $2.99 brass lamps from Goodwill. They have so many possibilities! Like this lamp and this lamp.
Turn a thrfit store find into a high end rope wrapped lamp
I’ve been seeing a lot of rope-wrapped lamps lately and was dying to make one. It was so easy to take this old thrift store light and make it look like a high end rope wrapped lamp!!!


Goodwill lamp makeover
 This one had an amazing shape and I knew was the perfect one to try it on.
I started by hot gluing the twine on just above the cord. I’ll go back and do the cord area later.
Transform a goodwill lamp with twine
 I found sisal twine at Menard’s that was the perfect size and started wrapping and gluing.
Make a rope wrapped lamp
 Only swearing at the occasional hot glue burn,
Transform old brass lamps with rope
 I worked my way up following the shape of the lamp and keeling the twine tight against itself as I went.
Make an old brass lamp new with rope
 Once I got up to the top, I went back and did the base by using cut pieces so I could keep the cord area clear. I then trimmed any rope “hairs” that were a bit too wild with  scissors.
Transform those old Goodwill lamps with rope and hot glue
I LOVE how it looks!  It was easy and the entire project was only about $10.
I have a very special shade planned for this lamp later this week!
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  1. Great idea. Your lamp looks fabulous!
    I’m wondering if a clear coat of something will work, make it easier to clean, and not ravel? I’ve seen furniture done with rope as well. The lamp is a very doable project.

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