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Amazing duct tape shoes and fabulous countertops…..

I have to be the proud momma this Monday morning and brag a bit!
Saturday we took a trip to Tar-jay to get plastic bins and other exciting things like dish soap and cotton balls. It was a pretty low key day.I bought the kiddos some Duct tape to craft with, and Oldest spent the rest of the afternoon grabbing scissors and stuff from the recycling bin. 
Make shoes from duct tape

She never stops amazing me because three hours later she made not only one pair,but two pairs of Duct tape shoes. All by herself!
shoes created from cardboard and duct tape
 Not only did she turn out a super cute pair of Duct tape Mary Jane’s,
cover your shoes in duct tape
But she used opposite colors to make a pair of loafers!!! And she made all her own templates and patterns by tracing her feet. I might have to ask her if she’s up for doing a tutorial. 🙂
Mary Janes and loafers made from duct tape and cardboard craft
I am not sure how wearable they are, but they are pretty cool. I might have to get her a plain pair of shoes for her to cover in Duct tape that she can wear every day. I see Project Runway in her future!
On another exciting note, the counter tops came in for the Oak house, and the carpets go in today!!!
Wilsonart HD countertops Deepstar slate
Here’s a sneak peek!
We went with WilsonArt HD countertops in Deepstar Slate  and I love how they came out!I’ll give you a better post later this week with more pictures, but I just had to show you how they look I was so excited!
*This post is partially sponsored.Opinions are all my own and those duct tape shoes are all Oldest’s.
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  1. Jennifer,
    Those little shoes ARE amazing! I have an 11 yr old niece who’s made lots of little purses out of duct tape, but those shoes are killer! Very clever!
    Have a great week – your Oak House project looks terrific.

  2. Very cute!! You know, when she’s older, duct tape does a prom dress contest every year. I thing she’d be a “shoe in!” lol

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