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Beautiful countertops….

Before I do the big kitchen reveal this week, I wanted to share the countertops with you.
They look so awesome!
It was so exciting to finally have that piece of the puzzle!

It was hard to wait, but we knew we wanted to go with custom Wilsonart HD laminate in Deepstar slate. Reusing the old countertops wasn’t going to be possible, and while I love butcher block in my own house,this is a different house. It has  a whole different feel. Any kind of natural stone was out of our budget,but the HD countertops look like stone. I picked the one that looked like slate for a stone feel. I also went with a fancy edge that is similar to an Ogee edge for a pretty finish..
 It was kind of cool how it came on one piece after they measured a few weeks earlier.
 The countertop dude cut the sink and everything right in the driveway. It was really fun to watch.
 It took them about 3 hours to install everything. I read  a magazine.
 It looks like a real kitchen now! I went with the fancy edge,which I love.
Wilsonart HD countertops in deepstar slate
 I think the dark color was the perfect choice for this house.
I can’t wait to show you the rest of the kitchen in the big reveal!!! If you want more information about the countertops, you can go to Wilsonart.com.
*I was partially compensated for this post, but opinions and those countertops are all mine baby.

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  1. How wonderful!!! I am looking into budget friendly countertops, hoping to replace our existing ones from 1989!!! How affordable were these?

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