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Vintage Sheet Music on a Lamp Shade

Since I’ve returned from Farm Chicks, I had been really wanting to use some of the cool elements I had purchased there; vintage seam binding tape, and a vintage pocket watch face, and vintage sheet music on a lamp shade I already had. I love being able to upcycle a lamp shade with some easy materials, whether it’s trim, paint or another medium. And ugly lampshade can be covered in fabric as well to give it an entirely new look.

A lamp shade decorated with vintage sheet musicI first glued the sheet music to the lamp shade. I used a tacky glue to spread all over the surface, and then pressed the music pages right onto the fabric shade. I then added a little folded sheet music ruffle. This was easy to make by folding a strip of music back and forth on itself. To make a cute statement. I used a piece of twine with a vintage clock face as an embellishment. I adore how cute it looks! It really has a sweet romantic look. If you don’t want to use real vintage sheet music, you can find vintage sheet music designed fabric and use that instead.

vintage sheet music on a lamp shade with a watch face embellishement and brown seam binding

When using a recovered lamp shade, make sure to use LED bulbs as they don’t generate heat like incandescent bulbs do. You don’t want to create fore hazard. If you have any doubt with a material, either don’t use it, or use a battery operated bulb in the lamp.

To finish it off, I added some pretty, brown vintage seam binding that I hot glued all of the way around the edge to make it look finished. The cute bow really makes it on the edge of the lamp. This was such a cute and easy DIY and decorated lamp shades are an easy way to express the personality in your room, like this artist’s palette inspired lamp shade.

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