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Creative Women in Business with Debbie Egizio

Welcome to Creative Women in Business with Debbie Egizio!
Today we are joined by the super-talented and artistic Debbie Egizio! I’ve been privileged to know Debbie for a few years now, and enjoyed seeing her work and store first hand. She is one of the sweetest and friendliest people too! Debbie has worked for several well-known decorating magazines as a designer and stylist, contributing to over 60 issues and covers, and has created hundreds of how-to projects and set designs demonstrating many on WGN ( a local Chicago station.). She has also worked on HGTV’s Country Style and her work can be seen in galleries and shops in the Chicago area. Her biggest recent news us she will be a showcased artist on 2 segments of HGTV’s show That’s Clever Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30.

Thanks for joining us today Debbie,
When did you start creating?


Ever since I was very young I had a sketch book and pencils and I would draw whenever I had an opportunity. I would mostly draw people, faces and fashions but also liked making wacky little creations inspired by Madd magazine and Terry Gilliam. My Mom and I would also do creative projects together and she always involved me in the decorating. My Mom was very sweet about asking my decorating advice when I was a young girl.
Were you always so creative? Well, I’ll credit my Mom for passing along the creative gene or the creative perspective. She has a very interesting outlook on life. I think that my Mom planted the seed in my mind that anything is possible and to always try to think outside the box.


You’ve been able to use your artistic talent in various jobs, what are some of the jobs you’ve held?

Well, I’ve been a business owner twice, a designer and photo stylist for several national decorating magazines, I did set design for HGTV’s Country Style, I also did floral design and visual display for a time.
How did you come about the art style you have now?

It’s funny how my art style has evolved and yet has always been the same at the core. I’ve always created those little characters of mine who just somehow make their way from my brain onto the page. For many years they were simply drawings then, one special day, I decided to take my drawings, cut them apart and make them into collages. I actually think they decided that they would enjoy it most if they could become painted collages. I draw and paint all of my own parts but allow the individual pieces to speak to me in the manner that they would most like to take shape on the canvas.
You are going to be on HGTV! Let’s dish! How did that come about?

The producers of the HGTV program “That’s Clever” were scouting the Chicago area for artists to be on their show. I happened to be showing my artwork in a gallery in Chicago and the owner was contacted by HGTV asking if any the artist’s would be interested in applying to be on the show to showcase their art. I threw the dice, sent them some samples of my work and was one of 13 Chicago-area artists chosen to be on their show. It was such a great experience. The crew came to my house and we had a crazy, fun day together, eating, filming and telling family stories (not related to my segment) but we really had a blast together. The show is going to air on Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30 central time and 7:30 eastern/pacific time.
Where do you create at?


I mostly create in my dining room, it is set up as my studio but I also like to paint on my kitchen island. The task lighting is really wonderful there.


When is your most creative time and where do you find inspiration?


I’m definitely a nocturnal artist and am my most creative very, very late at night. My favorite time to create is from midnight to 4am. I don’t always have an opportunity to do that but my best work spills out at that time of the night. I also get inspiration as I fall asleep. The other night as I was falling asleep I had the most charming little image visit my subconscious and entice me to wake up and document it. I managed to grab a flashlight from my nightstand, a pen and paper and draw while I was half asleep. When I woke up in the morning I was pleasantly surprised to find my funny little sketch and the writing that accompanied it.


What are some ways you’ve been able to let your creative side flourish?


I think by allowing myself to try anything that interests me creatively. I also try to listen to my inner voice and let it guide me.


What is your favorite medium to work in?


I love working with paint, collage and pencils equally. I enjoy the freedom I get with paint, the messiness of collage and the precision of pencils. Huh, what does that say about me? I don’t think I even know what that means but that’s what I like the most when I’m creating art. I’m going to make a little side note and say that I just LOVE creating in general I would be happy, decorating, writing poetry, making jewelry, creating floral designs or even dancing. I truly Love the creative process in whatever shape or form it takes.


Is there a favorite project or job you’ve done that is you favorite?

I don’t know if I can say that I have a favorite project. I do love it when my little painted creations tell a story, not all of them do but sometimes there is a special meaning behind the images and I really like that. I feel that every project or creation has it’s own unique qualities and I get thrilled by bringing them to life.
What is your next step for your art?


I just let things unfold and never know where my art or my life will take me. I’ve had the most amazing life experiences by just going with the flow and walking through the doors that happen open. I’m always surprised by life and the artistic process.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to create but just isn’t sure what medium to try first?

I would suggest that they try the medium that they are drawn to. For instance, if they love sculptures then they should try working in clay. I always suggest for people to follow their instincts. Our inner voice holds the most wisdom in what we should really be doing with our talents and gifts. So tell them to listen to their heart and have fun.
Debbie, Thank you so much for a wonderful interview! You can see more of Debbie’s art work on her blog or in her Etsy store. You can also check out some of her photo styling here.
And Congrats Debbie on your TV appearance! I know it will be awesome!
Join in next week for another talented, and creative woman. She is someone I consider a good friend and a wonderful person.


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