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How to stamp and stencil on burlap…

Here’s the post you’ve all been asking about! How to hand-stamp on burlap.
It’s a great technique and you can do numbers, words, or even make your own patterned fabric!
stamping on burlap


The biggest things to remember is… 1. burlap has a very rough, open weave; so chunkier stamps work better. Little details will be lost.
and… 2. Unlike stamping on other fabrics, don’t use straight fabric paint. It’s too thin. You’re better mixing fabric paint and a stiffer acrylic paint. You probably won’t be washing it, so even  straight acrylic or even latex paint is fine.
You want to do a mix of either equal parts of fabric paint and acrylic paint, or 3 parts acrylic paint and one part fabric textile medium ( a medium that makes any acrylic paint into fabric paint you can find at craft stores.). This will make it so you can wash it, and keep it flexible enough so the paint doesn’t get crunchy or flakey.

Brush your paint onto your stamp.

Paint acrylic paint onto stamp with a brush to stamp on burlap

Keep a wet paper towel handy because any paint left on your stamp when you’re done will ruin it.
Go a little heavier than normal because burlap will suck up the paint a bit.

Press the stamp firmly when stamping on burlap

Press very firmly.

How to stamp on burlap
When stamping on burlap, les detailed stamps work better

Less detailed stamps definitely work much better.

How to stamp and stencil on burlap

Besides stamping,
you can also stencil with the same paint mix.
Again, the less detail the better.

Stenciling on burlap

Position your stencil.

How to stencil on burlap

Off-load any goopey paint onto a paper towel,
then use a stiff paint brush and pounce it in, you may need to go over an area several times.

Pounce your paint on until it is as dark as you would like it

Keep going until it’s as dark as you would like.

Stenciled burlap chair

Then get decorating with it!
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