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Inspired to Create Botanical Art

You guys were so sweet about my “doodles” I have to tell you that it took a lot for me to post it. For a long time I have really wanted to start exploring the option of creating some art and selling it. I wanted to share a few other pictures I’ve done when I was inspired to create botanical art.

Pencil sketch of a hosta leaf

But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the whole idea makes me nervous and a bit scared.
I guess it’s about being judged and thinking my stuff isn’t very good… and laziness.
I get bogged down by regular life and watching TV shows I don’t need to watch. I make a ton of excuses why I can’t actually work on what is dear to my heart, Botanical art and painted collage.

Colored pencil sketch of a hibiscus leaf

But I need to just suck it up, get off the couch and get back to what makes me happy, right? No success without risk?

Crabapple pencil sketch

These image are from a class I took a few years ago. I really loved that class and I really felt like I had connected with my creative side.

garlic head

Each picture took me about 13 to 15 hours, but I loved every minute. What excuse do I have for not doing it now?
-No one will pay me to draw a leaf for 13 hours, but someone will pay me to paint a dresser black in 2.
-There’s laundry to be done.
-I had to work early this morning I’m too tired.
-Desperate Housewives is on.
– I need to eat more Oreos.
I want to start new canvas projects; but I just make excuses. I don’t take any risks.
I finally admitted to someone that I don’t create what I really love because I am afraid of rejection.

magnolia leaf

But it should be really for me right? That’s why artist’s create? And I should dream big, right, like this inspirational person?
I have to admit, the series I am doing on Monday’s has helped me more than I care to admit, I feel much more motivate interviewing and learning about these talented women.
Now I just have to get off of the couch and put the Oreo’s away.


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