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Late blooming Lilacs

I decided a few years ago, that I wasn’t happy with enjoying Lilacs for only a few weeks out of the year. They are gone so quickly! I started planting late blooming lilacs with my early bloomers,so I could enjoy the season a little longer.

Late blooming Lilac on painted stoil

I have an old table that I prep everything on outside. In case you happen to recognize it, it used to be our old kitchen table. It works really well as a place for the kids to craft on, like when they make slime, and for me to do smaller gardening projects on. For parties, I can also throw a table cloth on it. It’s under the eaves, so it doesn’t get a ton of rain either.

Late blooming lilacs in mixed vases

As I was gathering blooms to put all over the house,  I thought the Lilacs looked  pretty clustered together, and couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.

Lilacs in boho vases late blooming varieties

I have noticed while these varieties smell good, they aren’t quite as sweet as the earlier ones.They are almost a little more astringent smelling. But, they still smell good.

Late blooming lilacs mixed in fun vases

This is our side patio. I should have probably moved the grill before I took the pics.

LIlacs in vases

I love that along the fence, they almost make  a blooming, living wall.

Make a living, blooming wall out of lilac bushes that bloom at different times. Line with Hosta for a maintence free edge!

The tall dark green one that is bloomed out  is a classic lilac that always blooms first. The late blooming lilacs closest in the picture is the Miss Kim variety.

The farthest away is President Grevy. I really want to plant in some really dark purple, and white ones too. I also love how they hide the fence. I ended up splitting Hosta and lining them around the edge. I love how they pretty much keep the weeds down and make the border no-fuss.

Love Lilacs?

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  1. I love my Miss Kim lilacs but with 3 blooming at the same time, it can be overpowering. I LOVE the fence solution and will be using that soon! My too curious neighbor will be furious, though! Lol

    1. I would agree! They are on the far side of my yard, but just a few blooms scent the house!

    1. I wish you luck for next year! I’ve had years mine don’t bloom well, and it really makes me sad. I hope you have big beautiful blooms next year!

  2. I’m glad you left the bbq in the background ~ it makes your yard lived in. Miss the one lilac I had in Murrieta at our last house! Glad you can enjoy yours a little longer.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend,
    Barb 🙂

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