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Make a hanging chart and free fun summer printable

It was a very,very rainy weekend at Urban Farmgirl (Thank you to everyone who came out,and braved the crazy weather and the mud!!!!). Unfortunately, that is the nature of doing outdoor shows. Sometimes, the birds are singing and the sun is shining, and sometimes you are ready for a raft to float by and save you. While I was putting my rain boots to good use,it suddenly hit me that the kids are almost out of school! That means summer!  To celebrate the next few months,I made a hanging chart, and have a fun free summer printable  to share with you.

Succulents glued on a free summer printable

It’s  really quick project. I love making hanging charts. You just need to print the print onto heavy card stock, use two small pieces of craft trim, and white craft glue.

I even glued a few faux succulents on to dress it up a bit.

How to make a hanging chart with this free summmer printable

Cut the trim pieces slightly longer than your print.

Glue wood trim on print to make a hanging chart

Let dry.Use card stock to print when you can. I used a craft paper, and it wasn’t thick enough. Next time I will so it’s a bit sturdier.

Make a free summer printable changing chart and glue succulents

After it dried, I glued the faux succulents on,

Succulents glued on summer fun printable hanging chart

I tied some jute twine to hang.

Make a hanging chart with this free summer fun printable

I think it’s a fun way to bring in summer! It would also be great to use  a white marker, or craft gel pen to circle  the favorite activates! Now that the kids are older, we spend most of our time at the pool, and at camps. They are kind of at the place now though where they really want to hang with friends. I am not quite as important any more. They are slowly getting their own lives. It’s kind of fun, yet kind of sad to watch, but it’s good they are busy too.

Make a hanging chart with free summer fun printable

Just right mouse click to save the printable (for personal use only).

Succulents glued on summer fun printable hanging chart

Are you ready for summer? Breaking out the lemonade and popsicles yet? I am ready for some summer reading and hot weather!

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