Make a hanging pumpkin planter or luminary candle holder for fall….

I wanted a cute planter to put my mums into and I thought a pumpkin might be super cute.
 After cutting off the top,carving out the inside and scooping out the guts ,I drill drainage holes in the bottom. If you are going to use it for a luminary, I would skip this step.
 I drilled holes in the side for a decoration. It would be pretty with candle light showing through if I decided to do a luminary. I might try a row of these going up my front walk.
 I decided to hang mine and I added some hangers in the side.
 I added some galvanized chain.
and hung it on a sherpard’s hook I already had! It lasted about a week and a half until the squirrels started snakcing on it. Some one told me to spray it with hot pepper spray and it will last  a bit longer.
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