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My 5 year blogiversary and Sneak Peek at Room 363 Store Display

And after that ramble I am going to take a deep breath….. I have my 5 year blogiversary coming up and a sneak peek at Room 363 store display. I know! I know!  I still haven’t posted my Mom’s kitchen yet… that’s because, well, it’s not quite done! There was  a big delay with the back ordered floor, and that caused everything else to fall behind, but I promise, soon! I would not leave you all hanging like that! :)There are still just a few bits and pieces on the punch list to finish up in the next few weeks.
But there are some exciting things coming up!
Room 363 store display

And we are going to be swapping rooms and getting bunkbeds for Oldest and Middle to share, and youngest is now getting her own room. So there’s another make-over!
And I am happy to say that we are going to be ripping out the carpets in our second floor and painting the existing wood.
-And I get to be In The Bloglight this week with Hometalk!
And I have a new series I am starting called What would you do Wednesday? Starting next week!I have had quite a few e-mails asking me for decorating advice. I am not an expert, but many of you are and have some great ideas!! Every Wednesday, I am going to post a reader’s home and YOU can give your advice on how they can achieve the look they want. This will be a place to help each other out creatively and with kindness. If you would like to have your home considered, please e-mail me above at the address on the Contact me page under my header.
 -And MOST OF ALL I am happy to say my Mojo is back; and not because the kiddos are finally back in school. It has to do with that sneaky, little thing called a Thyroid.
For MONTHS I felt like I had a nursing baby at home. You know, that bone weary tired, not enough sleep, hungry all of the time feeling? It started around February/March and I thought it was because 40 was approaching. I just couldn’t seem to get anything done. I am sure you noticed that my blog content was sliding too. Projects seemed like so much extra work. It seemed my normal get up and go just got up and went. I felt like I couldn’t get through anything, let alone have the energy to starting something new!  I would get out of bed and I felt like hadn’t even slept.My poor kids watched more TV this summer than they ever have;I am sure their brains are completely rotten by now. I just didn’t have the energy to do anything with them, we didn’t even do their normal summer workbooks!
It was one of those things that came on so slowly, that at first I thought it was nothing.And then I thought it was because I hadn’t exercized in ages, but to be honest, I couldn’t even summon up the energy to get off the couch!And my wholesale accounts, I struggled just to keep up!And I kept forgetting simple things, I felt like I was 80!
Then I started having a ton of crazy tummy issues in May, and to cut  long story short, after not getting the answers I needed from my own M.D., (I count my blessings that I work for a medical company) I had my own blood work done in July.
It turns out all of my tiredness, stomach issues and some other things were all related to a slow and lazy Thyroid. I’ve been on Meds for a month and  a half now and what a difference! I am slowly starting to feel like there is a fog lifting from in front of my eyes. And even though I am on a ton of stomach medicine now, my Gastroenterologist thinks that once they get my Thyroid completely regulated I can be completely weaned off of them! Which will be a blessing, I am not a good pill taker at all!
It’s crazy how your body changes!
 But thanks for hanging in there with me this year. In fact, thanks for hanging in there with me for the last 5 years!!! I just passed my 5 year blogiversary. Can you believe it?
 5 years.
I am  a blogosaurus!!! 🙂
I did want to share a sneak peek at the Room 363 grand opening. I am still editing pictures, but here are  a few quick snaps of Mark’s amazing space!
Room 364 grand opening with a bicycle of flowers out front


Bedroom with vintage pictures on the wall and french inspired decor with a gray wall


Retail display with vintage dressers and old clock on the wall and vintage decor items


Retial store display with vintage decor and a chandelier and old dress form


Fall table top display in a stiore with a crow sitting on some pumpkins and candles
 It was amazing! It was a great grand opening. The Shop is gorgeous and it was wall to wall people the entire time!
So there you are!
My Mojo’s back! I am ready for another 5!

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  1. It just shows don’t dismiss tiredness as normal. I am 45 and had anaemia and was exhausted. They did bloods thought it was menopause Luckily my gp decided to send me for a colonoscopy just in case. I had a tumour removed on 2 may and am now on chemo tablets but already have more energy than I’d had for at least 18 months. I had none of the classic symptoms and no family history but I knew there was something wrong as you say I felt 80. Kate x

  2. glad you are feeling better! it’s so hard to accomplish things when you’re just not feeling good. looking forward to all these things you have in store for us! that store looks amazing….i really like the masculine feel it has!

  3. Congrats on the your 5th anniversary! I thought about what is appropriate for 5th year gifts, wood, silver, something turquoise and somewhere I read port wine. So imagine a turquoise bottle of port wine, in a wooden box cyber-wrapped in silver paper. Happy Anniversary! On the note of health, good girl for being so proactive! Good health, good life, good blog! Here’s to you!

  4. gorgeous shop. so inspiring!
    I have been on meds for my thyroid since after my daughter was born. I think it’s fairly common for post pregnancy (even years after!) to have that go wonky. So glad you are feeling better!

  5. Thyroid issues are so not fun! My daughter was born missing her thyroid (congenital hypothyroidism). She’s on medication for life, and it was scarey when she was young as the thryoid is highly linked to brain development. I’m happy to say that she’s fine, but as she grows we need to keep a close eye on her. The slightest fluctuation in her T4 levels, and she’s exhausted and totally not herself. Oh, and I have a 5 month old nursing baby too, so I have what I like to call psuedo-hypothyroidism (complete with weight gain hehe).

  6. I am glad you have figured out what was wrong. There was an article in the paper today specifically on this topic, so interesting timing. Had you been diagnosed with any specific GI disorders, or treating symptoms? My 12 year old son just got diagnosed with Crohn’s, so we are dealing with GI stuff right now.
    Glad you got your Mojo back!

  7. so happy to hear you are on the upswing now. no thyroid issues here, but more GI ones and EXTREME perimenopause than i care to own up to. sending positive healing energy to you right now.

    363 looks amazing! bravo!



  8. What an amazing shop! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better… it is amazing how much the stomach (or in your case, a thyroid) can affect how we feel. I can’t wait to see all the amazing stuff you do in the next 5 years! Your home is always an inspiration to me.

  9. Hi Jen,

    I am so glad that you found out what was ailing you. Can’t wait to see your new home reno projects and all the other ones that your amazing, creative brain comes up with! Great looking shop will have to check it out for sure. Take care sweetie.


  10. Wow, I’m happy I read this. I also was just diagnosed with low-thyroid levels and I’ve had those fatigue-like symptoms for several years. I was happy to find out that my thyroid was responsible for it and I’m hoping to start feeling much better now that I’m on medicine for it. I’ve also had stomach problems the past few years as well, but this is the first I’d ever heard of the stomach problems being linked with the thyroid! Definitely asking my doctor about that next week! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jennifer,

    Love the gray swatches … and sounds like some fun projects are in store for the future. But mostly am so happy that you figured out why your-not-yet-40-year-old-self was feeling more than an 80 year old woman!

    Looking forward to seeing all your mojo back projects!



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