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Make a Man in the Moon Decorative Tray

Whether they are on post cards, or vintage imagery, I’ve always loved the look of vintage moon faces. While some of them are quite creepy, I found one that was too cute to not use for a project. This is a fun decoupage DIY using a vintage silver tray , spray paint and vintage clip art to create a Man in the Moon decorative tray.

Man in the Moon Face Tray DIY

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I found this vintage man in the moon image at the Graphics Fairy, and it was just perfect to create a tray with! While you can use a plastic plate, or even a plate charger as the base, I always come across vintage silver-plated trays at the thrift store, and I liked the fancy edge for the project. There is a video of the project, or you can continue below to the DIY.

Supplies to make a man in the moon face tray

To make this project, you’ll need: A vintage silver tray, black spray paint,decoupage medium, scissors, and the vintage man in the moon clip art printed on heavy card stock.

Grab this image: The Man in the Moon Clip Art used in this project

Spray paint the back and front of the tray and let dry.  While the tray is drying, print out the man in the moon image. Depending on how big the center of your tray is will determine your print size. My print ended up being about 8 x 8.

While This Man in the Moon Decorative Tray is not food safe, you can use a clear plate over the top to serve food on.

If you are printing your image with a laser printer or if the print shop is doing it, you don’t need to treat your paper. If you are printing your image with an at home inkjet printer, you will want to seal your image so the ink doesn’t run when using the decoupage medium. This can be done by spraying both sides with a sealer like a clear poly… Even hair spray will work in a pinch, and letting it dry. Sealer may change the color of the printed image slightly.

Cut your moon face image out and set to the side.

Add decoupage medium to tray top

Using a soft brush, paint a thin layer of matte decoupage medium on the tray and then on the back of the moon image.

Paint decoupage medium on the back of the moon face paper

Place on the tray and smooth all of the bubbles out from under the paper.

Paint decoupage medium over the top of the moon man face

Immediately paint more decoupage medium over the top of the paper and the tray, creating a seal and let dry.

Moon face tray on fall mantel

I used mine as a part of my fall mantel, but this would also be a cute wall hanging, or magnetic memo board.

Man in the Moon Face Tray DIY