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inexpensive framing idea for black and white abstract art

One of the nice things about having the shop, is being able to have some creative time on the job, and the boss can’t yell at you for not doing your work 🙂 . Occasionally, we won’t be crazy busy, and I’m able to pull out my paints or other creative supplies and make something fun. I’ve been working on a bedroom makeover since we had our floors redone, and I wanted a piece of black and white abstract art with a wood frame for behind our TV. I know that seems odd, to paint something just to have it partially covered up, but the area behind the TV looks so bare with just a wall behind it, but I needed an inexpensive framing idea.

black and white abstract art painted by Jennifer Rizzo

I painted this larger piece of black and white abstract art in the Makery. Large,custom wood frames are really expensive. I had seen several creative ways to build a frame around a canvas, and decided to try it myself. I used 3/4 inch pine slats from the home improvement store, that were about 60 cents a linear foot. I had about 16 feet including waste for the inexpensive framing idea. To see  a DIY wood frame on pretty abstract art with a chunkier frame,and slightly different technique, you can see this tutorial from Jen at City Farmhouse.

Wood slats for framing

I cut them to size around the perimeter edge of my canvas,making the top pieces longer, so they overlapped the shorter sides to make a clean corner instead of cutting miter cut.

Stain pine slats to make an inexpensive picture frame.

I stained them with English Walnut stain on both sides and let dry.

Stained wood slats for gluing to make an inexpensive picture frame

Once they were totally dry, and the stain smell was gone, I glued them directly onto the frame.

Join corner together with hot glue to make an inexpensive canvas frame

You can see how the longer pieces meet up with the shorter side pieces to make the corner.

Gluing backside of wood frame

Once I had them all glued together, I carefully flipped it over and ran a bead of hot glue down the backside where the canvas met the wood.

To hang, I added a saw-tooth hanger to the back of the canvas frame.

I love how the stained,dark wood makes it looks so finished,and the total was less than $12!

I can’t wait to show you how it looks in the room!

Abstract art in large frame with pine slats. Really inexpensive option to frame large art!

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