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Bathroom Makeover with Dark Green-Blue Walls

The last time our main bathroom was painted, was when we gave it a big makeover in  2012-ish. At the time, white walls were starting to come into their own, and lights grays and blues were also starting to slowly creep their way in, as everyone moved away from the traditional tans and reds. We had just put in a new floor under duress (leaking potty), and picked everything on the fly, including floor tile, and paint colors. Lately, I’d noticed the walls were starting to look a bit dingy, and I was just ready for it to be updated. I had envisioned our light space darker, as a bathroom makeover with dark green-blue walls.

Simple vintage holiday bathroom

Part of the makeover would also mean it was time to change out the towel bars, and shower curtain. Our lighting is going to wait a  little while, I’ll share that with you when I find it. There was a little prep beforehand to fill and spackle the old towel bar holes, and some scrubbing and wall cleaning. With all girls, there are a lot of hair products flying around that room, that seem to end up on the walls. I swear, I am over dry shampoo with them.

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For me, that new color meant dark and dramatic. I did a post on dark wall colors here, and how they were going to be trending, earlier in 2018. I even painted my hutch a dark green color.  Dark colors are finally starting to creep their way into decor, and I’m ready to embrace it a bit.

I was looking for a deep paint color that had a “dusty” overtone, and would be a green, with a blue undertone. I had the “ideal” paint color in my head. Whether it was going to be a real color that existed, or if I was going to have to play with the colors to get a custom mix or not I wasn’t sure of. It took sorting though multiple fan decks, and luckily, only two sample cans to get it right.

Jennifer Rizzo dark green painted bathroom and the HomeRight Quick Painter Edge Painter On trend color 2019

I tried a color from Benjamin Moore called Blue Slate at first, and it was just too blue, even though it looked  very green on the paint strip, and even until it dried on the wall (this is why sample cans are so important!).

My second color was the winner! It’s called Calico Blue #707. It’s a gorgeous green, with a warm, blue undertone. In fact, during the daylight it looks green, but at night with our incandescent bulbs, dark blue. I love the effect it has! It’s gorgeous!

Since our bathroom is so small. I used the HomeRight Quick Painter Pad Edger with Flow Control to cut in all of my edges, and even do the smaller parts of my wall.

Painting with the HomeRight Quick Painter Edge Painter

It was so nice, because the edges ended up super clean, and I didn’t have to drag out the huge roller and tray. It only took me about 3 hours to paint the entire room, even with a second coat. You can see how easily I used the Quick Painter in my HomeRight post here.

On trend paint colors for 2019, dark green bathroom, Jennifer Rizzo

I am love how it looks, it’s like it became a bathroom for grown ups! And, I love how paint is such a great budget makeover tool. It can change everything, in just a few hours, for under $40!

Dark Green Benjamin Moore Calico Blue Bathroom paint color for 2019 on trend paint color

The botanical bird image in a frame was a thrift store find., and I found the shower curtain at Target,  but you can find a similar one here.

The dark green towels are Nate Berkus for Target. The towel bar is from our shop, The Collective lhe, and so are the  small, gray  and white vase, and bath products. You can find a similar large white vase here.

Pine greens in Geometric vase, and on trend dark wall color 2019

It’s such a difference. I just freshened up the white paint on the wainscoting, and trim, with Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Jennifer Rizzo Dark Green Bathroom walls with blue undertones Benjamin Moore Paint color

With the new paint trends of 2019, I think you are going to see it move farther away from light colors, and more towards contrast with dark against light. And, more like my bathroom makeover with dark  green-blue walls, there will be a moodiness that creeps into decor for 2019.  Even though it’s dark, it’s going to feel very fresh.

Bathroom makeover with dark green blue walls for on trend paint colors for 2019 Benjamin Moore Calico Blue

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  1. The color is amazing! I love that with a white wall treatment, a deep, moody color pairs so well.

  2. Beautiful, Jen! Love how your girls’ bathroom turned out!! Paint is just the best thing for giving a big change to a room for very little cost overall ~ love it!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Research your botanical print. I too have a thrift store one…1930s original signed and numbered. Humidity will definitely ruin such an antique. I shop thrifts w/ a 10x power loop to tell real from fakes. Jewelry too.

    1. That’s a great idea. I didn’t see that it was signed or numbered. I should give it a second look and see!

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