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Metallic painted succulent planter and painted books

Update with paint! Paint faux succulents in a planter ,and refresh old books too!

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Supplies for a small faux succulent planter and painted books

I picked up some faux succulent picks from Hobby Lobby, and a small white geometric planter ,floral foam, and few thrift store books.

Thrift store books to paint

I love painting thrift store books. They make great display pieces, and can be customized to fit your decor.

Painting books with metallic matte paint

If you’re wondering how to paint old book,first, I painted a layer of paint with the Americana Acrylic Matte Metallics in Rose Gold so they had time to dry. They each took about two coats of paint for full coverage.

Painted books drying with matte metallic paint

I stood the books upright to dry, and then touched up the edges last.

Painting a gold line down books, using a piece of paper to make the line straight.

 I wanted to paint a line in Gold down the center,but I was afraid that tape would be too tacky, and pull off the newly dried paint. I used a piece of paper to carefully paint the edges instead, by pressing it close and painting up to it.

While the books dried, jumped on painting faux succulents with Matte Metallics paint.

Painting faux succulents with matte metallic paint

It took about 3 quick coats to completely cover the succulents. I painted them with Rose Gold, Pewter,and Soft Silver (The faux air plant.). It’s important to use a soft brush so you can get in all of the nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to paint the backside of the leaves too.

DecoArt Matte Metallics

Once the had two coats, and I was waiting for it to dry, I put the floral foam into the small vase. The nice thing is, it’s easy to cut to size, it’s just a little bit messy, so cut it in an area that’s easy to sweep the foam “crumbs” up.

Add floral foam to a small vase to make a faux succulent planter

Once the painted succulents were completely dry, I pushed the stems into the floral foam.

Metallic painted #succulents and painted book display

It looks so pretty on my side table, the painted faux succulents, and painted books add a really nice,bright,modern touch of spring color!

Painted faux succulent planter and painted books for spring decor

I love how there is the natural texture and shapes of the succulents, but the unexpected color they are really changes it up, and makes them look so fresh, and very custom!

Decorative faux succulent planter with metallic painted books

The Matte Metallics are really pretty, and have a really nice sheen. I don’t think this planter would have the same impact if I had left the faux succulent plants in their original color.

Painted book stack with matte metallic succulents

I really love the Rose Gold and the Pewter combo together in the Matte Metallic paints comboon the painted faux succulent planter and painted books, and how they have just a hint of sheen, without being too shiny.


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