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Easy cactus and succulent garden…..

Hey everyone! I’m Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I’m thrilled to be back here with another contributor post for you all to share this cactus and succulent garden with you!
Around this time of year I am desperate to add in plants and a spring touch to my home. Do you feel like the snow and freezing temps have lost their luster, too? Because I sure do!
Recently, I created a cactus and succulent garden for my living room. It was easy, inexpensive and gives me just a hint that soon the weather will be warm.


a container of your choice (I used a vintage milk glass bowl from a tag sale), cactus soil mix, activated charcoal and drainage pebbles (all found at the garden store), cactus and succulents, gloves, decorative rocks and figurines (optional)


(1) To start, place about 1 1/2″ of the small drainage pebbles in your chosen container. Make sure your pebbles are level.
(2) Next, put a thin layer of activated charcoal in the container; about 1/2″.
(3) and (4) Add a few inches of the cactus soil mix, level and make small holes to plant your cacti and succulents in. (Use your gloves with the cacti!)
(5) Lastly, top with some more of the drainage pebbles (I thought this gave it a nice, finished look), and any decorative elements that you’ve collected for this project. I used some polished rocks from the dollar store and tiny brass animals.
Keep it in a sunny spot, water infrequently and enjoy!



 You are all welcome to stop by Number Fifty-Three. I would love for you to say hello!


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  1. i have one just like this on my coffee table! for the rocks i used stones my dad collected from the bay, so it’s got more meaning to me!

  2. What a great idea! We have several varieties of Aloe Vera plants that we are desperate to try and make live. Yes… I am a cacti/succulent killer. I’ve been told it was our soil but we were using a succulent mix… apparently it is a less than desirable mix because I discovered peat moss in it. Who puts peat moss in their succulent/cacti mix? Going to give it another try because we LOVE our cacti around here.

    1. Keep trying. We went to a garden store and got advice from the people who worked there and so far so good!

      Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. Is that a brass bugle turned candle holder? How is that standing? Love the succulent garden!

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