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Succulent windowsill planter for winter color

I was doing dishes yesterday, and it struck me how yucky it was outside. I thought a bit of plant life and color might be nice, and after making my faux mini-succulent, I thought a succulent windowsill planter would be a way to bring some life to my windowsill, without worrying about killing something.I would do real plants, and you would think it’s right on the windowsill, over the sink, where  I would remember to water. Ha ha.Nope. Another faux succulent window planter was  the best answer to that.

Primative wood trough for a planter

I found this great primitive planter at Michaels when I was there, looking for supplies for something else, of course! My window is about 31 inches wide, so I knew it was going to fit perfectly. It was actually in their coastal decor section, but I liked that it was thin enough to fit on my sill.

Floral foam

I had used clay on my smaller planter, but for this I used floral foam. It was way cheaper.I actually bought the kind for wet applications instead of dry, because sometimes I think that’s easier to push softer stems into that the hard stuff, and it’s easier to cut too.

Floral foam in primatvie wood trough for planter

I was able to cut it so it fit perfectly too, except where I had to squeeze an itty-bitty baby piece in the end.

DIY succulent windowsill planter in wood trough

I used the same technique I did for my smaller planter. I put my faux air plants in first and then added around them.

The succulents were on sale so I pulled a part the original one I made and then bought a few others to fill in.

Succulent window planter DIY

Some of the larger pieces. I used a little craft glue on, so they would stay.

Succulent windowsill planter in wood trough

Faux sucuclent window planter

It adds a really nice tough of color to my windowsill, and the colors really show when the sunlight hits it.

Faux succulent window planter

And at least this succulent windowsill planter one that I can’t kill!

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