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Modern Wood Bunny Eggs Easter and Spring Decor

Easter decor doesn’t always have to be full of pink and pastels to be cute. I made these modern wood bunny eggs for Easter and I think they are so darn adorable! They are easy to make with just a few supplies and are even a cute craft the kids can make! I chose to leave mine a little more simple, but some whiskers and a pom pom bunny nose would be really sweet too! These wood egg bunnies are fun on their own for decor or use them as table place cards by writing your guests name across the front in calligraphy with a paint pen.

Cute wood egg bunnies for Easter crafts with Easter grass

To make this Easter craft project you’ll need:

Wood craft eggs

White craft glue that dries clear

Wood rings from the craft aisle

Matte white card stock

a Pencil

A marker if you want to color in the ears or draw a face


Supplies for making modern wood bunny eggs

Start your modern egg bunny by making the ears

Trace and cut out the bunny ears using a pencil from the template provided at the end of the post. It may need to be resized larger or smaller depending on how big you would like to make your bunny ears and how big your egg is.

Double paper and cut bunny ear out with scissors

When cutting out the ears, double the paper over so you can cut our two ears at one time. With the scissors, clip the dotted line in the center.

Clip bunny ear at dotted lines

Apply a drop of glue to one side and let it sit for a moment. The paper will stick and hold together better if the glue is slightly tacky.

bend paper ends in together to make the inner part of the bunny ear

While the ears are drying , apply glue to the wood ring and let that sit. While your waiting you can also make these cute paint dot Easter eggs.

Add glue to the wood ring and let sit for a few minutes until tacky

Once the ear is dry, add a drop of glue to the back and let it also sit for a few minutes to become tacky. Glue both ears in place. You may need to hold them a minute until the glue grabs so they don’t slide off.

Glue on the ears to the wooden egg

Add the wood bunny egg base

Once the ears are dry, place the egg on top of the wood ring and let it sit in place until dry. Once it’s dry you can add embellishments, and make your wood bunny egg personalized.

Glue the wood egg to the wood ring base

I love how fun and modern and clean they look and how easy they were to assemble!

Modern Wood Bunny Eggs Easter and Spring Decor

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Bunny ear traceable template