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Fun Coffee Filter Easter Bunny Craft

Quite a few years ago, making a coffee filters wreath was super hot and trendy. Everyone was making them! Recently I came across a group of young girls on Tik Tok who had discovered a “new” craft… making wreaths with coffee filters! I almost fell over. Well, what’s old is new again, and they are an easy way to make something decor or Easter crafts with. I decided to go old school again and make a fun coffee filter Easter bunny craft by making an adorable bunny coffee filter silhouette front door/wall decor and an easy craft with this Easter bunny coffee filter wreath tutorial. You could also use this same technique to make an easy spring wreath with a wreath form.

Coffee fliter wreath bunny

Supplies to make the coffee filter bunny decor

White coffee filters


White craft paint

Pair of scissors



Low temp hot glue gun, super tacky white glue or tacky clear drying craft glue

Start by cutting out your bunny silhouette

You can grab the free printable at the end of the post if you want to make this adorable bunny craft to trace your own. Trace and then cut out the bunny silhouette on cardboard. with scissors or a craft knife.

Paint cardbaord bunny with white craft paint and a brush

Paint the cardboard white on both sides

Paint both sides of the cardboard white. That way if there are any open spaces after gluing the coffee filters down the brown cardboard won’t show through.

Glue coffee filters onto the cardboard

Glue the coffee filters to the cardboard

Once the paint dries, pull out a coffee filter and gather it so the center is at a point. You don’t need a tons of coffee filters, just about 100. Bend the coffee filter at the point slightly to make a little tab and then glue that tab to the cardboard. Continue until the entire silhouette is covered. Hold pressure slightly longer if using craft glue to get the coffee filter to hold on the the cardboard. If using hot glue, use a pencil end to push the coffee filter onto the cardboard so to not burn any fingers with hot glue.

Use a pencil to push down the coffee filters

Trim up your Bunny

Once your bunny is filled all of the way in, use scissors to trim up any paper filters use a ribbon or add a hanger on the back to hang! Then tie a ribbon around the neck to finish it off and add a sweet touch!

Handmde coffee filter wreath bunny

You could use this same technique to cut an oval and use your creativity to make matching Easter eggs!

Coffee filter wreath button

For more Easter crafts see how to make these fun Easter bunny and egg line art.

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