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Easter Tablescape with Trash to Terra Cotta Ceramic Bunnies

I found some really really cute ceramic bunnies at Walmart recently and I thought they would make a really sweet centerpiece for spring and Easter. I didn’t like their shiny finish so I decided to do the old acrylic paint and baking soda treatment on them. It’s very similar to what I did with this at Christmas time. I wanted to create an Easter Tablescape with Trash to Terra Cotta Ceramic Bunnies and a DIY dowel rod tray.

Trash to terra cotta painted ceramic bunnies

Mix paint and baking soda for trash to terra cotta paint

I made a mixture of 50% craft paint and 50% baking soda to create my terra cotta paint look.

Mix baking soda and acrylic paint

I mixed three colors, one for each bunny.

Paint ceramic with paint mixture

I ended up doing two coats of paint on each one.

Painting ceramic with DIY terra Cotta paint

I realized I wanted a flat of a basket to put them in and I didn’t have one so I created one using cardboard and some extra small doll rod pieces I had on hand from this vase project.

Glue dowel rods to oval tray

While they were drying I used hot glue to assemble my tray.

Hot glue dowel rods to an oval base

Here is a fun video with the dowel rod tray and trash to terra cotta bunnies getting painted.

Trash to terra cotta painted ceramic bunnies

To assemble the tablescape, I found these really sweet daffodils in glass jars from our local grocery store (I have to say our  grocery store is really improving).  I had blush colored babies breath that had been died and preserved. I thought it was something that would be really fun and fresh on the table instead of using paper Easter grass which was my original idea. By placing it on a raw wood slab it easy for me to move if we needed to. I put the entire thing together and I love how it turned out! You can watch a video of it going together here.



Painted Easter tablescape with DIY dowelrod basket
I love how a simple tablescape with the painted trash to terra cotta painted bunnies like this comes together, it really adds a nice natural touch to the tablescape.


  1. So sweet, love what you did with the bunnies. That is a new idea to me, kind of like paper mache, but done so differently. Love the basket idea too, such pretty colors perfect for Easter!

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